How Long Does the Apple Pencil Battery Last?

Apple Pencil allows users to conveniently explore creative avenues in digital drawing, note‑taking, and document signature. For only $99 on Apple Store, you can now effortlessly alter the line weight, create delicate shading, and develop an array of aesthetic designs. Enjoying these features, you might wonder if it’s worth investing in its battery life. This blog will help you know everything about Apple Pencil’s battery life, so keep reading.

How long does the Apple Pencil battery last?

Apple Pencil battery lasts depending on what you are doing and how you use it. If you’re using it with your iPad Pro to do sketching and drawing, it will last 12 hours before needing a recharge. However, if you’re using it more for high-volume interaction with interactive apps, it lasts shorter than that. This knowledge will help you know when to have an apple pencil battery replacement.

How long to charge the Apple Pencil?

Apple pencils come with a lightning connector that can be plugged into an iPad to recharge. It takes 10 minutes to get a full charge, so keep your pencil topped off when you need it.

When to charge an Apple Pencil battery?

Apple Pencil is rechargeable and needs to be charged when the low battery indicator comes up. If you have a first-generation Apple Pencil, you can charge it using the Lightning connector. Meanwhile, if you have a second-generation pencil, you can turn the Bluetooth on to access the magnetic connector option.

How to check Apple Pencil 1 battery?

Many apple users have asked how to check apple pencil battery. There are a few different ways to check the battery on your Apple pencil. One way is to use it with an iPad or iPhone; if it doesn’t work, there’s a problem with either device. Another way is to charge it up; if you plug in your pencil, but it does not turn on either green or red light, it means one of its batteries needs replacing. If neither of these methods works, you can take it to an Apple-certified technician to check it out and repair its problem.

Does the Apple Pencil battery drain when not in use?

The Apple Pencil will continually drain the battery even when not used. Ensure to charge it and do not let the battery go below 5-10% or 0% to prevent it from dying. Please don’t use the Pencil when it is charging. You can wait about 15 to 30 minutes to get it fully charged. Lastly, remember that even if you store it away from the iPad for weeks, months, or years, ensure you regularly check its battery levels.


The Apple Pencil’s long-lasting power allows users to accomplish work on their iPad Pro in a hassle-free mode. Keep in mind that using your Apple Pencil regularly helps its battery life last longer, as that’s how most batteries work best instead of sitting around unused for weeks at a time.

If ever you find out that your Apple Pencil is not charging correctly, reset it by taking out its pairing with the iPad Pro and re-pairing them again. Unfortunately, if its battery has failed, there’s no remedy other than replacing it with new ones.

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