How to resolve Zenfone8 battery drain issues? 

 September 19, 2021

By  Phil Borges

We all know that battery life is a big concern, and it's our responsibility to ensure that our phone has enough juice to last through the day. One of the most common problems for smartphones these days is battery drain, but luckily there are plenty of solutions on how to resolve this issue with Zenfone 8. 

In today's blog post, we'll discuss some possible reasons why your phone might be experiencing such high levels of battery drainage and what can be done about it.  

What are the causes of battery drain to Zenfone 8?

There is no denying that Asus Zenfone 8 has been a popular choice for those looking for a new smartphone. With powerful processing speeds, sleek design, and plenty of features, it's ready to revolutionize the way you use your phone. However, there was a lot of talk surrounding battery drain and poor performance with this device.

Poor battery life is a common complaint about smartphones. Sometimes, the battery doesn't last even if you don't use it during a full night of sleep.

Other causes of battery drain:

1) There are so many apps running in the background.

The apps you download may be causing a battery drain. Some of the apps we use regularly, like Facebook or Google play services, run in the background. Check to see what's using your battery.

You might have also installed lots of unwanted and unnecessary third-party apps, which are consuming more energy than needed by your phone

You must have it in mind that all the running background apps or open tabs consume your phone's resources, not to mention battery life. When you don't need them and are not using them, make sure to close them properly, this way, they'll stop consuming energy without keeping any processes active.

2) Using an old or low-quality charger

Cheap knockoff chargers use lower quality components like copper wires instead of high-grade alloy materials and are known to wear down your device. Make sure you only use an original charger, like those sold by ASUS. The best chargers are actually made for your devices, so if you must buy a third-party charger, make sure it's as close to the one that came with your device as possible.

3) Overheating

If you think that your phone is hot to touch, there's a good chance that it's due to overheating. Overheating can cause serious damage to your hardware. If you notice that your device is particularly warm after charging or playing a game, make sure you turn it off immediately and don't use it again until the internal temperature has returned to a normal level.

4) Using more than one application at once

While Zenfone 8 has plenty of memory, it can still be limited if you try to run too many apps simultaneously. As a general rule, if your phone slows down or freezes, try closing the applications that are running in the background and then restart your device after 30 seconds.

How to avoid common causes of battery drain? 

1) Turn on power-saving mode.

Zenfone 8 has a power-saving feature that can extend your battery life by up to two times. Turn on this feature when you are not using your phone, and it will automatically switch back to normal mode when you use it again. The power-saving mode is easy to locate under the phone settings. 

2) Use the correct charger.

When charging your phone with a power source, always use the original charger that came with it. Using incompatible chargers can damage your device and reduce its battery life.

3) Check if there are applications causing issues

Zenfone 8 has the ability to freeze or crash, especially when you are trying to use it while it is updating or installing an application. When this happens, restart your phone, so it can fix these issues.

4) Reset your phone's settings

One of the easiest ways to solve problems with your device is to reset its settings. Go to Settings > System Settings > Backup & Reset and then choose Factory Data Reset. This will delete all data and apps from your phone, so make sure you back up your files first. 

5) There are a number of great apps that will help you monitor your device's battery and optimize it to last as long as possible. For instance, Amplify and greenify offer one-touch optimization techniques for saving power on mobile devices.


In this article, we have discussed each of the causes of battery drains on Zenfone 8 and how to avoid it. This is a crucial battery issue or problem that needs to be addressed before you purchase a device or take your old one for repair. 

These tips will not only help keep the smartphone running longer, but they'll also help prevent any unnecessary damage down the line due to overheating or power-related issues.

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