How to Remove the Corroded Batteries from the MagLite Battery?

If you own a MagLite flashlight, then you know that the batteries corrode over time if ignored and can cause problems with the performance of your light. What is even more frustrating than not being able to see in the dark is when the battery compartment will not open because it has rusted shut. This article will show you how to remove the corroded batteries from your MagLite so that you are able to use it again.

How to remove the corroded seized stuck batteries from the MagLite flashlight?

MagLite is a famous brand of flashlight that people use for all sorts of purposes. It is best to have a MagLite flashlight in your home, car, and office. However, one of the issues with using a MagLite for so long is that the batteries might get corroded due to exposure to moisture or other elements. Corroded batteries in flashlight are one of the main reasons why people have to replace batteries frequently. But how to get a corroded battery out of a MagLite? It can be challenging to remove the corroded batteries from a MagLite flashlight, but the step-by-step written below will help you how to do it easily.

Step 1: Prepare the materials and tools that you will use to remove the corroded batteries from a MagLite. You will need 75-millimeter and or longer coach screws, a wrench, a drill with drill bits, and a small piece of timber.

Step 2: Drill a hole in the middle of the timber with a size that is enough to fit the coach screw in. Place the coach screw in the hole to form an anchor and set it aside.

Step 3: Next, drill a small hole on the back of the corroded battery. A spot that can fit the coach screw in without damaging or deforming the battery case.

Step 4: Flip over the flashlight, remove the battery cover, place the timber on top and insert the coach screw. Make sure that the tip of the screw touches the corroded battery in the flashlight.

Step 5: Turn the coach screw clockwise by hand until you feel it’s connected to the corroded battery.

Step 6: Tighten the coach screw with a wrench by turning it clockwise until it’s fully engaged on the battery. If the coach screw just slips on you rather than tightening, you may want to swap it for a larger gauge. Wrenching the screw in should loosen up the seized stuck corroded battery inside your MagLite.

Step 7: Once the screw is fully engaged on the battery, gently pull up the timber with the corroded battery attached at the end of it. Perform the same procedure to take out the remaining batteries from the flashlight.

And there you have it! You’ve just removed the corroded batteries from your MagLite flashlight. Do not forget to dispose of it properly after removing stuck batteries from maglite. Make sure that the batteries don’t accidentally get disposed of the garbage that gets thrown into landfills. Corroded batteries are also hazardous to the environment, so be sure to do your part in keeping Mother Nature clean.

How to clean the battery tube after removing the corroded batteries?

Gently scrub the spring and metal contact point after removing the corroded batteries with a wire brush and white vinegar. Make sure there are no more corrosive materials on the two metal points of contact that may cause damage when reassembling them. In addition, remove any battery acid residue from the battery tube with a clean cloth. Before you power on your MagLite again, dry it thoroughly. Typically, a simple cleaning is enough to get the light functioning once more.

How to prevent the MagLite flashlight batteries from corroding?

To prevent the batteries from corrosion, the MagLite flashlight should be stored in a place where there’s low humidity. Do not store it inside a leather bag or other materials that can cause corrosion to occur. Make sure that batteries are changed as soon as the MagLite flashlight starts to drain the battery power. When using the MagLite flashlight, do not leave it on while no light is coming from the flashlight. This will cause overheating and oxidation of the batteries, which can lead to corrosion over time.


The process of removing corroded batteries from the MagLite is quite simple, but it requires some patience and care in order not to break any of the parts that are still good. To prevent further corrosion, it is essential to take good care of the battery. Make sure to store the battery in a dry place and not exposed directly under sunlight or extreme heat. When storing for longer periods of time, make sure to disconnect the battery from the flashlight. Keep this guide nearby just in case you will need it again for future reference, and also share this knowledge with others who might find these steps helpful too.

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