Do iPhones charge slowly when they are in low battery mode?

Some believe that the iPhone's Low Power Mode will affect charging time. While some people think that it does, others don't feel this is the case. At first glance, this may appear like your phone would charge slower when in low power mode because of how it affects battery life and other functions on your device, but really you're going to be using a lot less energy while charging, which means a faster charge time! Let's explore why this is true and see if there really is any difference between charging with or without low power mode enabled.

Do iPhones charge slowly when they are in low battery mode?

iPhones are known for their ability to last up to a day, even if the battery is small. However, this does not mean that batteries can hold a charge forever. Even iPhones have experienced draining of battery due to various factors, which include being left on overnight, playing games for hours, etc.

The iPhones won't charge slowly because the battery is low or it's in low battery mode. There are likely reasons why the iPhones seem to charge slow, and some of these are:

  1. There are active applications running in the background that eat up resources like power for charging, resulting in poor quality of service or apps using up the power while charging (like the screen on during usage).
  2. Using the phone while it is charging. During the process of charging, the iPhone discharges faster than it charges, which results in a negative feedback loop where it takes more time for the battery to get fully charged while using the phone at the same time.
  3. Using a low-quality or faulty charging cable. You should be using the recommended charger and cable by Apple.
  4. Using a low-quality wall adaptor. Your phone is at risk of being damaged by low-quality wall adaptors. These can cause surges and smoothing out the output, which could damage your device.

What is Low Power Mode, and how does it work on iPhones?

Low Power Mode is a setting that can be enabled on an iPhone. Your phone is better with Low Power Mode. When you activate this option, the smartphone's performance is lowered while the battery life is prolonged. Access to some apps and services may also be limited or disabled when Low Power Mode is enabled. 

How does Low Power Mode work? The phone will conserve its energy by switching off background processes and lessening your network usage, which will allow for increased battery life. The feature also switches off specific settings that use more battery, such as background app refresh and automatic downloads such as receiving email and other push notifications. This will also disable automatic downloads and Siri suggestions. So if you think of setting the Low Power Mode on all the time might not be a bad idea but will hinder you from doing many functions on your phone.

How to extend the battery life on iPhone?

There are plenty of tips that can help you extend the battery life of your iPhone, but in this article, we will try to focus on four in-depth techniques.

1. Check your iPhone settings and turn off location services. Some apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Maps use your location services to track your location. Try turning off the location services if you do not need them.

2. Turn down screen brightness on iPhone. Your screen has a significant impact on battery life. If your phone is constantly updating social media accounts or emails, it needs more processing power, thus more battery usage. To reduce the brightness, go to Settings > General > Wallpaper & Brightness and then toggle Auto-Brightness off.

3. Turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when not using it to save your battery life. You have the option to either turn it off or switch to mobile data when your iPhone is not in use.

4. If possible, use the Airplane mode when at home for extended periods of time. Airplane mode will disable all network connectivity. Therefore, your iPhone uses less power to search for access points.


Taking good care of your iPhone's battery is very important in order to get the most out of it. You should do all you can in order to prevent unnecessary battery drainage, in order to prolong its life. The Low Power Mode is an option and a great way for saving some juice in your iPhone when necessary (when your battery is running low). Using this function is not only suitable for the battery but also for the speed at which your phone charges. You should also be aware of the reasons why your iPhone is taking slow to charge, so you can avoid or prevent this situation from happening. Furthermore, understanding how iPhones charge will help you know what to expect when your battery runs low.

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