Bulova Watch Battery Chart

Bulova is a brand known for its high-quality watches that have stood the test of time. A crucial aspect of maintaining these watches is replacing the battery when it dies. However, with so many different models, it can be challenging to know which battery your specific Bulova watch requires. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Bulova Watch Battery Chart and answer some common questions related to Bulova watch batteries.

Bulova Watch Battery Chart
Watch Type Battery Size Battery Type
Accutron 621 SR621SW
Accutron Spaceview 363 SR621SW
Marine Star 377 SR626SW
Diamond 377 SR626SW
Mens 377 SR626SW
Ladies 361 SR621SW
Infinity 377 SR626SW
Caravelle 377 SR626SW

What battery does Bulova use?

Bulova watches typically use a silver oxide battery, which is a common type of battery used in watches. These batteries have a longer lifespan than traditional alkaline batteries and are specifically designed for use in watches and other small electronic devices.

Are all Bulova watch batteries the same?

No, not all Bulova watch batteries are the same. Different models require different batteries, which is why it’s essential to consult the Bulova Watch Battery Chart to determine which battery your specific watch needs. The chart lists the battery type and size for each Bulova watch model, making it easy to find the right battery for your watch.

How do I know what battery my watch needs?

To determine what battery your Bulova watch needs, you can consult the Bulova Watch Battery Chart. This chart lists the battery type and size for each Bulova watch model. You can also check the back of your watch for information about the battery type and size. If you’re unsure, you can take your watch to a professional who can help you identify the correct battery.

What voltage is a Bulova watch battery?

Bulova watch batteries typically have a voltage of 1.5 volts. This is a standard voltage for watch batteries and is sufficient to power the watch’s movement and other features.


In conclusion, the Bulova Watch Battery Chart is a valuable resource for anyone looking to replace the battery in their Bulova watch. By consulting this chart, you can determine which battery type and size you need for your specific watch model. Remember to always use a high-quality battery and, if you’re unsure, seek the help of a professional to ensure your watch stays in top condition.

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