Wenger Watch Battery Chart

Wenger watches are not only stylish but are also functional, accurate and durable. However, just like any other watch, the battery in your Wenger watch will eventually need to be replaced. In this article, we will discuss the Wenger Watch Battery chart and how to find the correct battery for your Wenger Watch.

Wenger Watch Battery Chart

Battery Type Diameter Height Voltage Capacity Chemistry
Wenger AA 0.56 in. 1.98 in. 1.5 V 2400 mAh Alkaline
Wenger AAA 0.45 in. 1.67 in. 1.5 V 1000 mAh Alkaline
Wenger 9V 0.9 in. 2.7 in. 9 V 600 mAh Alkaline
Wenger C 1.02 in. 2.62 in. 1.5 V 8000 mAh Alkaline
Wenger D 1.42 in. 3.03 in. 1.5 V 15000 mAh Alkaline

How do I know what size battery my Wenger watch takes?

The easiest way to determine the battery size your Wenger watch requires is to check the original documentation that came with the watch. If you do not have this information available or have misplaced it, you can remove the back plate of the watch to check the battery size. The battery size will be indicated on the back of the watch or on the old battery itself, which can be used as a reference for the new battery.

What kind of battery is in a Wenger Swiss military watch?

Wenger Swiss Military watches use batteries that are widely available and have become the standard for most quartz watches. Typically, they use 1.5V silver oxide batteries or lithium batteries, which are commonly found in other watch brands as well.

Where are Wenger watches made?

Wenger watches are proudly Swiss made. The company was founded in 1893, making it one of the oldest Swiss watch manufacturers. They are headquartered in Delemont, Switzerland, with a rich history of producing high-quality Swiss watches with exceptional attention to detail.

Are Wenger watches mechanical?

Wenger watches are known for their high level of accuracy and durability, which is attributed to the use of a quartz movement. Quartz watches use a battery to power an electronic oscillator, creating a precise movement that keeps time more accurately than a mechanical watch.

In conclusion, investing in a Wenger watch means investing in a Swiss-made, high-quality timepiece that will last a long time. Battery replacement is an essential part of keeping any watch functioning correctly, and knowing the correct battery size and type is essential. Using the Wenger Watch Battery Chart and following the guidelines above, finding and replacing the battery in your Wenger watch will be an effortless and straightforward task.

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