357 Battery Equivalent Chart

If you’re someone who relies on battery-operated devices, then you’re probably familiar with the 357 battery. These small but powerful batteries are commonly used in a range of electronics, from calculators to watches to medical devices. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the 357 battery, including its equivalents and common misconceptions.

What Batteries Are Equivalent To 357?

The 357 battery is part of the SR44 battery family. This means that it has several equivalents, including the SR44, SR44SW, SR44W, LR44, A76, and AG13. All of these batteries are the same size and have the same voltage, so they can be used interchangeably.

Brand Voltage Capacity (mAh) Chemistry Size
Duracell 1.5V 890 Alkaline 357/303
Rayovac 1.5V 800 Alkaline 357/303
Energizer 1.5V 890 Alkaline 357/303
Kodak 1.5V 840 Alkaline 357/303
General Electric 1.5V 800 Alkaline 357/303
Duracell 3V 550 Lithium 357/303
Energizer 3V 530 Lithium 357/303
Rayovac 3V 550 Lithium 357/303
Kodak 3V 520 Lithium 357/303
Varta 3V 600 Lithium 357/303
Duracell 6V 175 Alkaline 357/303
Energizer 6V 170 Alkaline 357/303
Rayovac 6V 175 Alkaline 357/303
Kodak 6V 170 Alkaline 357/303
Energizer 6V 450 Lithium 357/303
Rayovac 6V 450 Lithium 357/303
Kodak 6V 400 Lithium 357/303
Varta 6V 500 Lithium 357/303
Duracell 9V 225 Alkaline 357/303
Energizer 9V 220 Alkaline 357/303
Rayovac 9V 225 Alkaline 357/303
Kodak 9V 220 Alkaline 357/303
Duracell 12V 175 Alkaline 357/303
Energizer 12V 170 Alkaline 357/303
Rayovac 12V 175 Alkaline 357/303
Kodak 12V 170 Alkaline 357/303
Energizer 12V 450 Lithium 357/303
Rayovac 12V 450 Lithium 357/303
Kodak 12V 400 Lithium 357/303
Varta 12V 500 Lithium 357/303

Is A 357 Battery The Same As A LR44?

Yes, a 357 battery is the same as an LR44 battery. Both batteries are part of the SR44 battery family and have the same size and voltage. You can use an LR44 battery in place of a 357 battery and vice versa.

What Is The Duracell 357 Equivalent To?

The Duracell 357 battery is equivalent to the other batteries in the SR44 family, including the SR44, SR44SW, SR44W, LR44, A76, and AG13. The Duracell brand is known for its high-quality batteries, so if you’re looking for a reliable 357 equivalent, the Duracell 357 is a great choice.

Is A 357 Battery The Same As LR41?

No, a 357 battery is not the same as an LR41 battery. While both batteries are small and round, they have different sizes and voltages. The LR41 battery is slightly smaller and has a lower voltage than the 357 battery. Make sure to check your device’s specifications to ensure you’re using the correct battery.

In conclusion, the 357 battery is a versatile and widely used battery that has several equivalents, including the LR44, A76, and AG13. It’s important to note that the 357 battery is not the same as the LR41 battery, so make sure to double-check your device’s specifications before purchasing a replacement battery. With this knowledge, you can confidently power your devices with the right battery.

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