48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Voltage Chart

If you own a 48 volt golf cart, it’s important to understand your battery voltage chart to ensure your cart is always running smoothly. Your battery voltage chart will tell you the current state of your battery and how much charge it has left. In this article, we’ll answer some common questions about 48 volt golf cart batteries and provide a voltage chart to help you better understand your battery’s state of charge.

48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Voltage Chart

State of Charge 6V Batteries 8V Batteries 12V Batteries 24V Batteries 36V Batteries 48V Batteries
100% 6.33 Volts 8.45 Volts 12.65 Volts 25.30 Volts 37.95 Volts 50.60 Volts
90% 6.20 Volts 8.30 Volts 12.45 Volts 24.90 Volts 37.35 Volts 49.80 Volts
80% 6.07 Volts 8.15 Volts 12.25 Volts 24.50 Volts 36.75 Volts 49.00 Volts
70% 5.93 Volts 8.00 Volts 12.05 Volts 24.10 Volts 36.15 Volts 48.20 Volts
60% 5.80 Volts 7.85 Volts 11.85 Volts 23.70 Volts 35.55 Volts 47.40 Volts
50% 5.67 Volts 7.70 Volts 11.65 Volts 23.30 Volts 34.95 Volts 46.60 Volts
40% 5.53 Volts 7.55 Volts 11.45 Volts 22.90 Volts 34.35 Volts 45.80 Volts
30% 5.40 Volts 7.40 Volts 11.25 Volts 22.50 Volts 33.75 Volts 45.00 Volts
20% 5.27 Volts 7.25 Volts 11.05 Volts 22.10 Volts 33.15 Volts 44.20 Volts
10% 5.13 Volts 7.10 Volts 10.85 Volts 21.70 Volts 32.55 Volts 43.40 Volts
0% 4.90 Volts 6.90 Volts 10.50 Volts 21.00 Volts 31.50 Volts 42.00 Volts

How Many Volts is Fully Charged on a 48 Volt Golf Cart?

A fully charged 48 volt golf cart battery should read around 50-52 volts on a voltmeter. This is because each individual battery in a 48 volt golf cart is typically a 12 volt battery, so when they are connected in series, they add up to 48 volts. When fully charged, the voltage of each battery will be around 12.8-13.1 volts.

What Voltage is Fully Charged 48V Battery?

A fully charged 48 volt battery should read around 50-52 volts on a voltmeter. This is because a 48 volt battery is made up of four 12 volt batteries connected in series. When fully charged, each of the four 12 volt batteries will read around 12.8-13.1 volts.

What Size Battery do I Need for a 48 Volt Golf Cart?

The size of battery you need for your 48 volt golf cart will depend on the model and year of your cart. However, most 48 volt golf carts will require eight 6-volt batteries or six 8-volt batteries. It’s important to make sure you choose the right size battery for your golf cart to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently.

What Voltage Should a Golf Cart Battery be Charged at?

The voltage at which a golf cart battery should be charged will depend on the type of battery and the manufacturer’s recommendations. However, most 48 volt golf cart batteries should be charged to around 50-52 volts. It’s important to avoid overcharging your battery, as this can cause damage and shorten its lifespan.

Understanding Your Battery Voltage Chart

Now that you understand the basics of 48 volt golf cart batteries, it’s important to know how to read your battery voltage chart. Your chart will typically have a range of voltages listed, along with corresponding battery states. For example, a voltage range of 50-52 volts might indicate a fully charged battery, while a range of 40-45 volts might indicate a battery that needs to be charged. Be sure to consult your golf cart’s manual for specific information on your battery voltage chart.

In conclusion, understanding your 48 volt golf cart battery voltage chart is essential for keeping your golf cart running smoothly. By following the manufacturer’s recommendations for charging and choosing the right size battery for your golf cart, you can help ensure that your cart lasts for years to come.

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