CR1220 Battery Equivalent Chart

If you’re searching for a replacement for your CR1220 battery, you may be wondering if there are any equivalents or compatible options available. Whether you’re looking for a different brand, a different voltage, or a different type of battery altogether, this guide will help you find the right replacement for your needs.

CR1220 Battery Equivalent Chart
Size CR1220 Battery Equivalent Voltage (V) Capacity (mAh) Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
CR1220 DL1220, BR1220, 28L, ECR1220, KCR1220, L12 3.0 70 12.0 2.0
CR1225 DL1225, BR1225, 28LC, ECR1225, KCR1225, L1225 3.0 75 12.0 2.5
CR1216 DL1216, BR1216, 28P, ECR1216, KCR1216, L1216 3.0 45 12.0 1.6
CR1230 DL1230, BR1230, 28M, ECR1230, KCR1230, L1230 3.0 90 12.0 3.0
CR1225 DL1225, BR1225, 28LC, ECR1225, KCR1225, L1225 3.0 75 12.0 2.5
CR1620 DL1620, BR1620, 24L, ECR1620, KCR1620, L1620 3.0 60 16.0 2.0
CR1632 DL1632, BR1632, 24LC, ECR1632, KCR1632, L1632 3.0 100 16.0 3.2
CR2016 DL2016, BR2016, 24P, ECR2016, KCR2016, L2016 3.0 35 20.0 1.6
CR2025 DL2025, BR2025, 24LC, ECR2025, KCR2025, L2025 3.0 80 20.0 2.5
CR2032 DL2032, BR2032, 24M, ECR2032, KCR2032, L2032 3.0 140 20.0 3.2

Is there an equivalent to CR1220?

Yes, there are several equivalent batteries to the CR1220. These include:

– BR1220
– DL1220
– ECR1220
– KCR1220

These batteries have the same voltage (3V) and size (12.5mm diameter, 2.0mm height) as the CR1220, and they can be used interchangeably in most applications.

What are other names for CR1220?

In addition to the equivalents listed above, the CR1220 is also known by other names. These include:

– 5012LC
– CR1220-1F2
– L04
– SB-T13

If you’re having trouble finding a CR1220 battery, try searching for these alternative names as well.

Can I use CR2032 instead of CR1220?

While the CR2032 and CR1220 are similar in size and shape, they are not interchangeable. The CR2032 has a higher voltage (3.2V) than the CR1220 (3V), which means it may damage devices that are designed for the lower voltage.

If you’re unsure which battery to use, always consult the device’s manual or contact the manufacturer for guidance.

What size is a CR1220 battery?

The CR1220 battery is a coin cell battery with a diameter of 12.5mm and a height of 2.0mm. It is one of the smaller coin cell batteries available, but it still packs a lot of power into its small size.

Whether you’re replacing a CR1220 battery or looking for an equivalent, this guide should help you find the right battery for your needs. Remember to always follow safety guidelines when handling batteries, and dispose of them properly when they reach the end of their life.

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