What Size Battery Tender for Motorcycle: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a proud owner of a motorcycle? If yes, then you know how important it is to maintain its battery. The battery of a motorcycle is the life force that keeps it running. To ensure that your motorcycle battery is always charged and ready to go, you need a battery tender.

A battery tender is a device that keeps your motorcycle battery fully charged by providing a constant flow of electricity. But, with so many battery tender options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your motorcycle. In this article, we will guide you through the process of selecting the right size battery tender for your motorcycle.

How many amps is a motorcycle battery tender?

Before we dive into the size of a motorcycle battery tender, it’s important to understand how many amps it should have. Typically, a motorcycle battery tender should have 0.75 to 1.5 amps. Anything less than 0.75 amps and the battery may not charge fully, while anything above 1.5 amps can damage the battery.

How big of a battery tender do I need?

The size of the battery tender you need depends on the size of your motorcycle battery. If you have a smaller battery, such as one found in a scooter or dirt bike, a 0.75-amp battery tender will suffice. However, if you have a larger battery, such as one found in a touring motorcycle, you may need a 1.5-amp battery tender.

How do I choose a motorcycle battery tender?

When choosing a motorcycle battery tender, there are a few factors to consider:

  1. Amps: As mentioned earlier, the amps of the battery tender should match the size of your motorcycle battery.
  2. Type of Battery: Ensure that the battery tender you choose is compatible with the type of battery in your motorcycle. Some battery tenders are designed for lead-acid batteries, while others are for lithium-ion batteries.
  3. Automatic Shutoff: Look for a battery tender that has an automatic shutoff feature. This feature ensures that the battery tender stops charging once the battery is fully charged, preventing overcharging.
  4. Brand Reputation: Look for a reputable brand that has good reviews and offers a warranty.

What size trickle charger do I need for a motorcycle?

A trickle charger is another option for keeping your motorcycle battery charged. Typically, a trickle charger should have a current rating of 1 to 2 amps. However, it’s important to note that trickle chargers are not as efficient as battery tenders, as they don’t have an automatic shutoff feature, which can lead to overcharging.

In conclusion, choosing the right size battery tender for your motorcycle is crucial for maintaining the life of your battery. Consider the size of your motorcycle battery, the type of battery, and the features of the battery tender before making a purchase. With proper maintenance, your motorcycle battery will always be ready to go when you are.

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