Best Motorcycle Batteries (2022): Reviews & Comparison

Does your motorcycle battery need to be replaced? If so, you are not alone. A good motorcycle battery can only last two years on average before it needs to be replaced. Motorcycle batteries tend to drain quickly and die after they become old or exposed to extreme temperatures too often. Finding out what is the best motorcycle battery for your bike is important if you want your vehicle running well and lasting as long as possible.

Powersports, ATV and the best motorcycle batteries are designed as starting/cranking applications for motorcycles or four-wheelers. Therefore, these vehicle batteries have different specs from your average car battery, which is better suited to start a motor over an extended period at lower RPMs.

Some common differences include the voltage (12 Volts) rather than the typical 12 Volt used in cars with lead-acid wet flooded being one type that riders may encounter on their bikes; AGM and Gel cell also come into play when it comes to these special application starter bike batteries, but they're not recommended since you need access to top off electrolyte levels frequently during operation due them having long drawn out discharge cycles... yesterday's news!

Wet/flooded batteries are often delivered with 'dry' cells, requiring the users to fill them up with sulphuric acid. This can be a very unpleasant thing for most people and is also dangerous because of its corrosive nature.

Unless you're pro or know what you're doing, it's best to go for reliable AGM/Gel lead-acid battery types instead. They will last much longer than wet-cell versions anyway, so even if she doesn't die from the fumes, then at least your bike won't either!

Lithium Powersports, ATV and motorcycle batteries require special chargers or can only be charged using an onboard battery charger combined with (if any) control electronics.

If you want to take the risk of an unknown company, that's up to you. But if your budget is tight and reliability matters more than anything else - we recommend a tried-and-true brand like Bosch or Yuasa for peace of mind as well as good reviews from other buyers who have come before.

However, Odyssey Extreme Series batteries are perfect for your Powersports, ATVs and motorcycles. These extra-large and durable battery packs have a special design that allows them to fit in places other than the traditional dimensions of 12”x8" X 6". They also offer an impressive 950 cold-cranking amps (CCA) at zero degrees Fahrenheit, which is nearly 100% more power per pound—the only downside being their increased cost compared to standard models.

Notwithstanding how NorthStar and Optima Batteries may not be the brand for your needs, there are plenty of other options to choose from. 'Remaining' brands offer excellent lead-acid batteries that can power any more or less standard Powersports vehicle you might need...

The top motorcycle batteries maybe expensive but they are very much worth it in terms of providing high-performance and long-lasting life.

Can you use any 12V battery on a motorcycle?

A motorcycle is a lot more compact, and so it does not have room for the large batteries used in cars. A 12-volt sealed lead acid car (SLA) or gel cell sealed battery will work too. You may need to modify or shrink your electrical system to make room for it, though. Some bikes are still designed with an opening that the user could put their hand into and get to that specific cable. Still, even if you're accessing production cords coming off of them, they should be just as easy to reach through smaller breaks in panels stuffed with other components closer by.

How much does a new motorcycle battery cost?

Motorcycle batteries used to be a costly item due to the lithium-based chemistry, but they are now much cheaper thanks to new technology like nickel-metal batteries. The battery for these smaller models sells for about $100-$150 and can be installed by most motorcycle shops. The best motorcycle battery brands are the ones that have proven their value over time and stand behind their products with an excellent warranty. Dis chargers also needed, which typically retail for about $10-$15 online. A charger is necessary because it's not practical for most people who own motorcycles with minimal storage facilities at home or work - and those who can keep their bike indoors will need a space-saving "smart" charging station that plugs into the wall socket. These best motorcycle battery chargers come in various shapes, from compact plug-in designs to larger standing boxes that take up more room.

Can a dead motorcycle battery be recharged?

Generally, you can put the battery in a shady area and let it discharge. You'll need to pour water over them every day and add distilled water as needed for some batteries. Leaving the battery in this condition for three weeks should bring it back. It may be possible to revive a dead motorcycle battery by putting it on an even surface and balancing something light but heavy enough (penny, ashtray) on top of one side of it for about two hours so that both cells have uniform pressure from all directions. This is likely to work if the cause was unstable voltage due to wind or cables being loose. If the cell(s) are totally discharged because nothing has been hooked up to them in weeks, then rubbing off the corrosion (with a pencil eraser or baking soda) and then connecting them to the motorcycle's terminal can also be effective.

How can I tell if my motorcycle battery is bad?

There are two ways to check - the first is a simple test with a battery tester. You can find these at pretty much any auto store, and it's straightforward to use. Connect the alligator clips of the charger or battery tester lead wires (depending on what kind you have) to each contact point of your battery, and then plug in the charger or wait for instructions from your meter. This will tell you whether or not your motorcycle is charged enough to start it. The second way is if its lights don't turn on when you turn your ignition key. Armed with this information, visit an auto store like Amazon, where they should be able to get you going in no time.

Can I start a motorcycle while on a trickle charger?

It depends on the capacity of the battery charger. A trickle charger usually has a low amperage rating. As a result, it will take many hours to charge your battery fully. But, if you use an automatic/smart charger with a high amperage rating, then you should be able to get enough juice in the battery so that it starts up without issue. Along with determining if there is sufficient charge for starting, there's also the question of how long you want to leave your bike on power and charging while not riding--a good rule of thumb is to disconnect from power sources when not in use (although this might depend a little bit on your financial or practical situation). Leaving it plugged in makes sense only if you've got the money, time and inclination to monitor it constantly.

What's the best motorcycle battery type should I get for my motorcycle?

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are better than lead-acid cells because they do not have to be held as tight a charge. This means they can bounce back much faster. Your main concern would be the electrochemical stability of Li-ion cells, and an individual battery usually lasts 12 years before there is a significant degradation in its abilities.

The key to making your motorcycle battery last is caring for it properly. A worn-out battery can lead to slow starts, poor performance and even a breakdown on the road. We hope this blog has given you some helpful tips about how to care for your battery so that you can get more time with it before having to replace it!

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