What Battery Does the Canon AE-1 Camera Use?

The Canon AE-1 camera is one of the most popular and classic cameras ever made. It was first released in 1976 and has been a favorite among photographers for many years. Like many other devices, this camera uses a specific battery to power the flash, capture photos, and control other features. This article provides information on how to replace or change the battery of Canon AE-1 Camera.

What battery does the Canon AE-1 camera use?

The Canon AE-1 camera uses a 4LR44 or 28A modern Alkaline or 4SR44 or PX28-S modern Silver-Oxide 6V battery. This is due to newer technology that allows for more features on fewer components than were available in 1976 when it was first released. In contrast to other Canon camera that requires two silver oxide or alkaline batteries.

If you don’t have this battery, the best place to look for it would be online such as on Amazon. You can even get the canon ae-1 battery shipped for free if you have an Amazon Prime account. Just make sure to get the exact canon ae1 battery type.

However, if you prefer to visit a physical store, don’t worry since this type of battery is common to find. You can see this at convenience stores, local pharmacies, and some retailers like Walmart or Target. Just ensure to purchase and use a 6-volt battery to prevent damage to your camera. In addition, you can also call your local camera store to help you get a battery for your specific model of Canon AE-1 Camera.

How long does the Canon AE-1 program battery last?

The battery life in a camera depends on how much you use it and what features are used while taking pictures. Cameras that are used more regularly will have shorter battery life than cameras that are not used frequently. For example, if you use the LCD screen more often, then this drains your battery faster than just using the viewfinder mode.

With the Canon AE-1 camera, the average life span of its battery is at least one year on moderate use. You’ll never know when you will need your camera, so it’s essential to ensure the battery is charged and good. To do this, press down the battery check button on top of the device to see and find out how much juice is left in it.

How to replace the battery in Canon AE-1 camera?

If you need a Canon AE-1 battery replacement, you will want to find a reputable source for the batteries. Many different types of batteries are available on the market, and it can be difficult to know which one is right for your camera. The best way to find out is to consult a professional who can help you choose the right battery for your needs.

Replacing the Canon AE-1 camera battery is no different than replacing one of any other type of battery on other devices. All you need is a penny or a key that can assist you in loosening the screw of the action grip, which you can find on the front side of the camera near the lens. Once you have taken out the action grip, it will expose the battery chamber. You can then simply pull out the old battery gently and load the new one. Just follow the correct battery pattern and use the right type of battery or the right Canon A-1 battery size. Once you have inserted the new battery, close the battery chamber and retighten the screw.

You can check if you have successfully loaded the battery by pressing the check button to see if it works, or look for an LED indicator light up inside the viewfinder after pressing the shutter or exposure check button.


Finding the battery for the Canon AE-1 camera is easy as it uses a standard battery found in other cameras. Anytime and anywhere, you can take snaps and shots at your fingertips. As a reminder, to keep your battery last for several years, you should check the battery chamber at least thrice a month to see if it’s free from moisture and corrosion.

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