How To Change Quip Toothbrush Battery?

If you're reading this blog article, the battery of your Quip toothbrush has likely died. If you're wondering how Quip battery replacement procedure works, don't worry-we've got a step-by-step guide for you! Continue reading and learn how to replace Quip battery.

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How to change Quip battery?

Quip is a popular brand of electric toothbrushes that have been on the market for years. The Quip toothbrush is powered by a replaceable AAA battery which is suggested to change every three months to ensure the best performance. We all know that batteries will lose their power over time, no matter what the brand is. It is best to use fresh batteries in your toothbrush to avoid any complications.

In order to replace a dead battery on your Quip toothbrush, follow these steps:

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Step 1: How to open a Quip toothbrush? Locate the two dots at the back of the toothbrush handle. Place your thumb on these two dots while gripping the handle and your other hand holding the brush head.

Step 2: Carefully snap off these two parts away from you to open up the Quip toothbrush. Please note that if you bend the handle or brush head back too far, it could damage your toothbrush and render it useless.

Step 3: To change Quip battery, remove the motor tube from the handle. Use the tiny notch on the top of the motor tube to pull it out, then flip the handle upside down to slide out the old battery and remove it. Remember to dispose of the old battery the right way as it is a hazardous material.

Step 4: Get a new AAA battery and put it upright, so the flat negative end is facing down. Turn the Quip over and insert the new battery with the negative end facing down and the positive side up.

Quip recommends you use a standard AAA battery bought from the store or the battery that comes with your replacement brush head. A good rule of thumb to keeping track of how long they last are about 3 months if used regularly.

Step 5: Return the motor tube by sliding it back into the handle and see if the tiny notches are in the proper place.

Step 6: Realign the brush head back into the handle and press until a click sound is heard, ensuring that it's tightly connected.

Step 7: Press the "Q" symbol to test if your Quip Toothbrush is working properly.

Why is the Quip toothbrush not working after changing the battery?

If your Quip doesn't turn on, try a different Quip toothbrush battery. Remove the first one and insert another into the handle with its flat negative side facing down (make sure that it's inserted correctly). Then put your device back together again to see if this new battery works.

If the new battery didn't work, check if the motor tube is placed correctly inside the handle. Then, make sure the brush head is attached in a way that it doesn't move or turn while brushing.

If you can still not get your Quip to work after trying all these steps, take a photo of the brush components and send it together with the Quip device's order number and the reason why it isn't working to the Quip support site. They may be able to help you out solve the problem.

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How does Quip warranty work?

Before receiving warranty coverage on your Quip toothbrush, you must have an account with them. This is because Quip requires proof of purchase to move forward onto the next step in this process-receiving replacement brush heads if needed.

Quip provides a full product cost refund for refill purchases within 30 days of purchase. If you purchased a quip product at a store and want to return it, contact the retailer to request for instructions on how to do so.

How to charge Quip toothbrush?

The Quip toothbrush has a built in battery and can be charged by removing the head and placing it in the travel case. To charge, simply put the bottom of your brush into your phone jack or USB port for 10-15 seconds.

The Quip's brush heads come in pairs and each pair is good for 25 uses: 5x per week for 2 months (depending on which head you use). This means that once you go through all your current brushes there are more to buy on Amazon, but only every 6 months. 

Is it worth purchasing a Quip toothbrush?

A Quip toothbrush is the most environmentally friendly type of brushing since it will continue to function for a lifetime. The patented modular construction ensures that you may simply replace the head rather than the whole device after many years. In fact, this also applies to your cover, which will last as long as well!

How to change a Quip toothbrush head?

There are a few ways to change a Quip toothbrush head. One way is to carefully flip the head of the toothbrush so that it breaks into two parts. Another way is to find the small notch on the bottom of the head and use your fingers or a coin to pry it off. Once you have removed the head, rinse it under water and snap on the new one. Be sure to line up the bristles with the grooves on the toothbrush handle.


Quip is a well-known and highly recommended toothbrush that will not only serve you for years to come but also save the environment. Replacing the Quip battery is a pretty simple process that can be done in a few minutes by following the steps mentioned above. To avoid further damage to your Quip toothbrush, replace the battery as soon as you notice it is not working as well as before.

Replacement batteries can be purchased online and, in most cases, will arrive within a few days. Replacing the battery is also very cheap, costing approximately $10 for one battery pack. With such an affordable price tag, it makes sense to make sure you always have a spare set of batteries ready at home or office.

When you are done with that, your Quip Toothbrush will be ready for many more years of brushing!

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