How Many Cold Cranking Amps Do I Need for a Riding Lawn Mower?

If you’re in the market for a lawn mower but a little fuzzy on certain specs like CCA or which one has the highest CCA lawn mower battery, here is a piece with all the information you need before the next battery purchase. Keep reading.

Most lawn mowers run on 12-volt batteries. Some of them are specifically made for mowers and they have 36-40 volts. If you’re buying a low end model for a small mower, you can make do with about 150 cold cranking amps. But if you pay more, you will not only get more CCA but also a durable mower with more start-up power.

Regardless of your preferences, the best and recommended way to go about this is to check the manufacturer’s specs because each mower is different.

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350 CCA Duracell Ultra Riding Lawn Mower Battery

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Lawn Mower & Garden Tractor Battery Size Chart

BrandBatteryNominal VoltageAmp-hoursWatt-hoursWeight (lbs)Recharge Time (Minutes)
SnapperXD 82V Max72V42885.7560
GreenworksPro 80V72V4288660
DeWalt40V Max36V7.52704.260 - 170
GreenworksPro 60V54V52704.3150
StihlAP 30036V6.32273.835 250
Oregon40V Max36V62162.8490 360
Makita18V X2 LXT36V6216355
Cub Cadet40V36V6216460
DeWalt40V Max36V62164.145 130
GreenworksPro 60V54V42164.2120
Shindaiwa56V46V41853.9688 - 150
Makita18V X2 LXT36V5180345
Toro40V Max T18036V51803.4120
MilwaukeeM1818V91622.490 - 180
DeWalt60V Max54V31622.875
Oregon40V Max36V41442.7460 - 240
GreenworksG-Max 40V36V41442.8120
DeWalt40V Max36V41443.230 90
GreenworksPro 80V72V21443.230
SnapperXD 82V Max72V21443.2830
GreenworksPro 60V54V2.51352.875
Cub Cadet20V18.5V6.5120360
Makita18V LXT18V61081.555
GreenworksPro 60V54V21082.760
StihlAK 2036V2.81012.745 - 150
Shindaiwa56V46V2921.9842 72
DeWalt20V Max18V5901.250 75
Makita18V LXT18V5901.545
Toro40V Max T9036V2.5902.1560
Oregon40V Max36V2.4862.7430 - 120
StihlAP 10036V2.1761.835 90
GreenworksG-Max 40V36V2721.860
StihlAK 1036V1.4501.830 80

How many amps does a lawn mower use?

Lawn mower battery amps vary. Batteries are rated based on their CCA or cold cranking amps. This is the measure of how much current a battery can produce and deliver within 30 seconds when the temperature is zero degrees Fahrenheit without going below the required 7.2-volt output. If the CCA is on the higher side, it means the battery can produce more power at low temperatures.

The Importance of CCA

Now, if you don’t live in places where the mercury drops to that point, you might wonder why you need to know about it. You do because it tells you how good the battery can be on a cold winter day.

CCA is also an important factor to take into account if you are planning to run a large engine because of the role it plays in telling you about battery output. These details come in very handy when you are looking for a replacement battery.

If you get a battery with CCA that is too low, your engine might not even start. And even if it happens to start, the battery will experience way more wear and tear and burn out sooner than it is meant to.

Then again, if you get a battery with CCA that is too high, you will end up paying more with no extra benefits whatsoever. So, finding that balance will actually keep your mower running the way it is meant to.

Now, even when the voltage is the same across batteries, the CCA varies. That’s why you could be looking at batteries of the same voltage with CCA ranging from 100-160—which is the lower end—to 350 CCA, which is on the other end of the spectrum for a mower of the same size. However, if you have a lawn tractor, you might find that 315 CCA is the ideal rating. So, once again, take a look at the specifications mentioned by the manufacturer.

What size battery do I need for my lawn mower and how to decide the right amount of CCA?

This is one of the most popular numbers in the industry because of its ability to measure the amount of power a battery can deliver while maintaining the minimum voltage of 7.2 volts (for a 12 v battery).

Now, this is not the greatest determining factor if you are living in warmer temperatures. But as mentioned before, it still tells you your battery’s ability to start your engine in colder temperatures, which is why it is such a popular measure in Europe and North America. But it might work for the others too, should you take a road trip someday.

Now, even though you should look at the manufacturer’s instructions to figure out the required CCA for your riding lawn mower, here’s what you need to know. As a rule, make sure that the CCA is either equal to or more than the engine displacement measure in cubic inches.

So, if you have a vehicle that is 135 cubic inches, a battery with a 130 CCA rating will be more than enough. Manufacturers have been trying to deliver batteries with higher CCA ratings which is why those with 550 CCA were considered to be powerful batteries at one point in time.

But now you will find batteries which have a CCA rating as high as 1,000. This is because of the “the bigger the CCA, the better your battery” concept. But that is not the case because different vehicles have different requirements.

130 CCA Mighty Max Lawn Mower Battery

ML18-12 SLA is the perfect Mighty Max Battery Solution! Whether you're looking for a power source for your reliable John Deere mower or tools truck, with our 12volt 18ah 130 CCA battery you've got plenty of power.

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Does CCA Matter on a Lawn Mower Battery?

It matters on every battery irrespective of the weather conditions where the mower is being used. As mentioned in this piece, CCA is used to determine how well your lawn mower will work when the temperatures drop on a winter day.

But even if you don’t experience such extreme winters, the CCA rating of your battery will tell you how well the battery can function when the temperature is low.

How many amps does it take to start a riding lawn mower?

It takes between 10 and 12 amps to start a riding lawn mower, depending on the model. Most riding lawn mowers have a 12-volt battery, so you would need at least that much power to start the engine. If your riding lawn mower has a higher voltage battery, it will take more amps to start the engine. For example, a 24-volt battery would require at least 24 amps to start the engine. The number of amps required to start a riding lawn mower is also affected by the weather. Cold weather makes it harder for the engine to turn over, so you may need more power to get it started.

What Size Battery Does A Riding Lawn Mower Take?

Most riding lawn mowers take a 12-volt battery. However, there are some that require a 6-volt battery. Be sure to check your owner's manual to find out the specific requirements for your model. When shopping for a new battery, it's important to choose one that is rated for the same voltage as your mower. Otherwise, you may end up with a battery that is too powerful or too weak, and it may not work properly.

So, how many cold cranking amps do you need for a riding lawn mower? The answer may surprise you. It’s not as high as you might think. In fact, most riding lawn mowers only require around 6-8 CCAs. If you have any other questions about what kind of battery to buy for your equipment, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help!

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