How Long Do SimpliSafe Batteries Last?

If you’re a SimpliSafe user, you may be wondering how often you need to replace your system’s batteries. This is an important question to ask, as it directly affects the protection of your home. In this article, we’ll answer your questions about SimpliSafe batteries, including how long they last and whether they’re replaceable.

How often do you have to change SimpliSafe batteries?

The frequency with which you need to change your SimpliSafe batteries depends on the component in question. For example, the SimpliSafe keypad battery typically lasts around 3-4 years, while the SimpliSafe entry sensor battery lasts around 5 years. The SimpliSafe motion sensor battery can last up to 5 years as well. However, it’s important to note that these estimates are based on average use, and excessive use or extreme temperatures can impact battery life.

How long do SimpliSafe base station batteries last?

The SimpliSafe base station battery is rechargeable and typically lasts between 24-48 hours on a single charge. However, the battery life can vary depending on factors such as the number of sensors connected to the base station and the strength of the Wi-Fi connection.

How do I check the battery life on my SimpliSafe?

To check the battery life on your SimpliSafe components, simply log in to your SimpliSafe account and navigate to the “Devices” section. From there, you can view the battery life of each component, and if a battery is low, you’ll receive an alert in your SimpliSafe app. Additionally, some SimpliSafe components have a small LED light that will flash when the battery is low.

Are SimpliSafe batteries replaceable?

Yes, all SimpliSafe batteries are replaceable. Simply purchase a replacement battery and follow the instructions provided by SimpliSafe to replace the old battery with the new one. It’s important to note that not all batteries are created equal, so be sure to purchase the correct replacement battery for your specific SimpliSafe component.

In conclusion, the frequency with which you need to replace your SimpliSafe batteries varies depending on the component in question. However, with regular monitoring and occasional battery replacements, you can ensure that your SimpliSafe system continues to protect your home. Make sure to always check the battery life of your SimpliSafe components and replace them as needed. With proper battery maintenance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your SimpliSafe system is always functioning at its best.

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