Self Charging Car Battery, Is It Possible?

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Car batteries are one of the most common things that need to be recharged.

Some car owners know how to do this themselves, while others rely on a mechanic or auto shop.

We are all familiar with the frustration of a car battery that won’t start. It is an extremely frustrating experience when you have to call roadside assistance because your car battery won’t start.

Have you ever wondered if do car batteries charge themselves? Read on, and find out if this is at all possible.

Know the basics first!

A car battery provides power to the car’s electrical system. It is used when we want to start up the engine, turn on lights or use any other electronic features of a vehicle.

While you can charge your phone with the USB port in your vehicle or power up an iPod using its own charger cable from a wall socket the same goes with the car battery. It requires a charging system that is powered by the alternator.

So, the answer to the question if the car battery can recharge itself is a No.

A car battery needs a power source to work. Without it, the battery will not recharge and become useless over time.

It needs an external charger like alternators or maintainers in order for them to charge up again after use.

Is a jump-start necessary to recharge the car battery?

You may have seen this happen before.

A car battery has been discharged and then another vehicle provides a jump-start so the engine can be started again with its own charger system. This is an easy way of recharging a car battery, but it still requires external power to work properly.

If your battery charge is so depleted that it can’t start the car, then you’ll need a jump.

Sometimes car batteries age, and they are no longer able to hold a charge. Alternators can also fail in which case the battery is not getting enough energy from it to keep it charged up all day long.

Dead Batteries – are they able to recharge?

With all of the advances in technology, it’s hard to imagine a dead battery. But as long as you have an alternator or trickle charger handy at home you can recharge a dead battery as long as the cells inside it are not damaged.

How does it work? If your battery is drained, an alternator will not fully charge it. It provides only a trickle of power that can keep the car going until you reach home or an auto mechanic for assistance.

How to keep the car battery from dying?

If you want your battery to last, there are a few ways that can help.

One way is by letting the alternator charge it fully every time which would allow for more short trips or starting up and powering down of your car each day without draining as much energy from the battery.

However, if you always let it go until empty before charging this will wear out both parts faster than they should so take care in what choices you make on how long to drive with an almost dead battery.

When you leave your car, always turn it off. Make sure to also remove any items that are on and will drain the battery if left unattended while parked.

What is the life span of a car battery?

The average life span of a car battery is from three to five years, but that can vary depending on how often you use the battery and if it’s been well maintained.

For a battery to make it last longer, it’s best to keep the battery charged up and clean with periodic cleaning of terminals.

The life span will also depend on what type of car battery you have as well because there are some that last longer than others.

When is the right time to get a replacement?

If the car battery reaches the age of four to five years, it may be time to get a new one.

In some cases, the battery is also getting weaker and more susceptible to the cold weather conditions which means that you will need a jump start now and then during the winter months if it goes completely dead before your car becomes warm enough for the engine to turn on.

If this happens, make sure not to use jumper cables to charge the battery.

How to keep a healthy car battery?

To keep a healthy car battery, you need to take care of it and keep it clean with periodic cleaning of the terminals. This will help reduce corrosion on your battery.

It is also a good idea to have it checked with an auto mechanic now and then for other wear-and-tear items that may be starting to show signs of failure.

Keeping it fully charged is another way to preserve the car battery to avoid further damage to it.

Extreme heat can cause battery life to dwindle as the liquids inside of your car’s battery will evaporate. To protect your investment and keep it lasting longer, try parking in a garage that is insulated or under something like a tree that provides shade from extreme temperatures.

Keep your battery in top shape with a battery maintainer. Without one, the charge might get too low and damage it long-term.

Electric Car Batteries and Hybrid Car Batteries

If you’ve been thinking about making the change to a hybrid or electric car, it may be time for you. These new models are much better than your traditional gas-powered counterpart because they contain lithium-ion batteries which is what most of our cell phones and other electronics rely on today.

To preserve these batteries, it’s important to know how they work, what makes them last longer, and the best way of charging them. Make sure to get a regular battery maintenance schedule to keep your car battery healthy.


Always remember that a car battery is just like a cell phone. If you don’t take care of it, then it will eventually die and not last as long as you would have hoped for.

Checking the car battery regularly is good to help reduce corrosion on the terminals and for wear-and-tear items that may be starting to show signs of failure.

We hope this article answered your question and we hope you learned something interesting.

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