Why Does Roomba Get Error 5 After Replacing the Battery?

Roomba is a robot vacuum cleaner that makes life much easier when it comes to cleaning up the house. One of the most common problems with Roomba, though, is that it will get an error code 5. This is a problem with Roomba that many people are having and will need to get over somehow. If you own this machine and experience the same errors with your Roomba, continue reading to understand why this error comes up and learn some of the most common reasons why you might have been getting an error 5 on your Roomba and how to fix it.

Why does Roomba get an error 5 after replacing the battery?

It is unusual for Roomba to get an error code after replacing the battery. Luckily, it’s not that too difficult to figure out what might be causing this problem and how you can prevent it to happen in the future.

The first thing you should do is make sure that the battery is inserted correctly into the battery compartment. The battery will sometimes slide off of its connector after it’s been changed.

If, after checking that everything is in the correct place and you still see the error 5 code on your Roomba’s display, there are reasons why this might be happening.

One possible reason why Roomba is getting an error after changing the battery can be that there’s a problem with how the old one was removed. If you were using screwdrivers or something like that, the chances are that they caused damage to your Roomba when it came into contact with its internal components during the removal.

Another reason why you might see an error after changing the battery is that there’s a problem with your Roomba not receiving power from its new one. This can happen when you plug in your Roomba, and it doesn’t start charging.

The last thing that might cause a Roomba charging error 5 after changing the battery is a short circuit somewhere within its electronics. If there’s something wrong with how power flows through your device, this could occur regardless of what kind of batteries you put into it or whether they’re inserted correctly.

What do error codes mean in a Roomba?

Roomba is a very intelligent robot, but it doesn’t always know what to do when something goes wrong. When your Roomba gets an error code, you’ll see a flashing light on the corner of the unit and some beeps. This means that there’s something going wrong with the system. It is best that you know what each error means so that you can easily fix them.

Error 1: The battery is not linked if this error code appears. You should probably remove the battery cover and examine it for any objects that are preventing contact with the battery terminals. You’ll want to confirm the battery is installed correctly and that you’ve removed any yellow tabs.

Error 2: The Roomba is a little overheated and needs to cool down for at least an hour before you can use it again. To solve charging error 2, just simply charge your Roomba in an AC environment.

Error 3: The Roomba is having a charging error, which you can fix by resetting and recharging it.

Error 5: Your Roomba has a charging error when this message pops up. One way to solve this is by removing the vacuum’s tabs and then resetting and charging until you get the green light indicator.

Error 6: This error means that your device’s battery gets overheated. Let it cool or charge it in an AC environment.

Error 7: This message tells you that your Roomba battery is not cooling off the way it should. If you have this error, just let it cool in an AC environment for a while and then try charging again.

Error 8: The Roomba is unable to establish a connection with the battery. The battery may be faulty or need to be replaced.

Error 9: The battery may also be charging improperly. This problem is identical to Charging Error 8, and the same solution should be applied.

What is the next step if the Roomba continues to get an error code?

Your best action is to contact iRobot customer support. They will be able to help you out with the next steps of troubleshooting and providing a solution for your problem. It is suggested to schedule a service appointment with them so that you can have your Roomba looked at and get it back to being in good working condition.


Roomba is one of the most popular robot vacuums on the market, but it can be frustrating when you’re trying to get your Roomba working again. Technological advances have continued to grow, and it can be tough and challenging to figure out what is wrong with your Roomba. We hope that the guides listed in this article helped you understand better what causes Roomba to give error codes, including how to perform a few easy fixes.

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