Can You Use a Lawn Mower Battery for a Trolling Motor?

Having a lawn mower battery in your garage can be very useful. No matter if you use it for an emergency car jump starter or to power the lights on your boat at night, they are always great to have around. What about using them for something else? Can you use a lawn mower battery for a trolling motor? In this blog post, we’ll explore that question and answer it.

Can you use a regular battery for a trolling motor?

The answer to this question is a bit complex. Yes, you can use a regular battery for your trolling motor, but it is best to get one specifically designed for this purpose. A regular battery may work with your trolling motor but may not last as long or be as powerful. A trolling motor battery should last much longer and offer better performance than a regular car battery would because it is designed specifically for this purpose and made to handle the demands of powering your boat’s engine; therefore, producing less heat which can lead to increased chances that you will overheat the battery.

Batteries are created for different purposes. A car battery is not designed for a trolling motor and vice versa. When you are using the wrong type of battery, it can cause problems with your boat’s wiring and electrical system and shorten the life of your batteries significantly depending on which one you use.

If you do choose to use a regular battery, you should keep it at full charge, clean the terminals often because corrosion can form on them. If any type of water gets into your boat’s electrical system or wiring, this is where corrosion will start to take place and create a bad connection.

Do not try to wire two batteries together for more power either unless they are the same type and rating. Using a battery that is stronger than your trolling motor’s rating can cause damage to it, as well as have other issues when you try to start your boat because of the amount of power being used at once from both batteries.

Can you use a lawn mower battery for a boat?

There are reasons why batteries are made specifically for trolling motors.

However, some people do use lawn mower batteries for their boat trolling motor because they are more affordable or accessible. This is not the best solution for your trolling motor, but it may work in a pinch.

If you really want to use these batteries on your boat, make sure that they are fully charged and will give you at least four hours of operation time before recharging them again. One more thing: this probably goes without saying, but make sure that the batteries are compatible with your trolling motor.

You can use a lawn mower battery for trolling motor, but it won’t work very well. Lawn mowers provide less power than boat deep cycle marine batteries, and they will have to be recharged more often. You should try to find out what size or type of battery your trolling motor calls for before you choose a battery.

What kind of battery should I use for a trolling motor?

Trolling motor batteries are pretty expensive and often require a special charger. This is the main reason that many people end up using a lawn mower or tractor battery instead of buying a dedicated trolling motor battery, but this isn’t always possible if your boat needs more power than what you can get from these other types of batteries.

When purchasing a trolling motor battery, it’s important to consider the trolling motor hours required for your boating need.

A 12-volt deep cycle marine battery with at least 110 amp-hours is the perfect solution for a small boat, but if you are looking for something more powerful, you might want to consider a battery with a higher amp rating. The higher the amp rating, the more powerful of a trolling motor battery you can use.

Can you use a 12 volt lawn mower battery in a Power Wheel?

You may use a 12 v lawn mower battery in the Power Wheel as long as the Power Wheel is designed to use these types of batteries. If you choose to use a 12volt lawn mower battery, just make sure that it is in good condition before using it. You may also have to consider getting the right cables for its terminals. Not all batteries will fit, so be sure to look for the right ones.

You may not be able to use the 12-volt lawn mower battery if it is too powerful for your Power Wheel or can’t fit into the existing compartment. You should check the manufacturer’s specifications before purchasing this type of battery or get the assistance of an expert to help you out. And also, trying a different battery in the Power Wheel may void your warranty.


If you are looking for a long-lasting, high-quality battery to power your trolling motor, consider buying one specifically designed for this purpose. However, if the price is too much of an issue and you want something that can get the job done temporarily, try using a lawn mower battery instead.

Although this is possible, it’s recommended to use the proper trolling motor batteries designed for specific types of boats and motors, especially if you want something that will last longer than just one summer season. These are more affordable in the long term, even though they may seem expensive at first glance.

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