GPA76 Battery Equivalent Chart

If you’re a fan of electronic gadgets, you’ve probably come across the GPA76 battery at some point. This small button cell battery is commonly used in small electronic devices, such as calculators, watches, and remote controls. But what do you do when your device runs out of power and you need to replace the battery? That’s where the GPA76 battery equivalent chart comes in handy.

GPA76 Battery Equivalent Chart
GPA76 Battery ANSI Equivalents IEC Equivalents
A76 LR44, SR44 357, SR44
V13GA LR1130, SR1130 189, LR1130, SR1130
LR44H AG13, LR44, SR44 A76, AG13, SR44
CR1/2AA or CR2L CR2, DL2/3A, EL1CR2

What battery is equivalent to GPA 76?

The GPA76 battery is also known as LR44, AG13, L1154, and A76. These batteries are all the same size and have the same voltage, so they can be used interchangeably in most devices. If you’re looking for a replacement GPA76 battery, any of these equivalents will work just as well.

Are LR44 batteries the same as GPA76?

Yes, LR44 batteries are the same as GPA76 batteries. LR44 is just another name for the GPA76 battery, so you can use them interchangeably. In fact, LR44 is the most common name for this type of battery, so you might have an easier time finding it under that name.

Is GPA76 the same as 357?

No, GPA76 batteries are not the same as 357 batteries. While they are similar in size, 357 batteries have a higher voltage and are often used in more powerful devices, such as cameras and flashlights. If you need a replacement 357 battery, make sure to get the correct size and voltage for your device.

What voltage is a GPA76 battery?

The GPA76 battery, also known as LR44, AG13, L1154, and A76, has a voltage of 1.5 volts. This is the same voltage as most other button cell batteries, which makes it a versatile choice for a variety of small electronic devices.


The GPA76 battery equivalent chart is a useful tool for anyone who needs to replace the battery in a small electronic device. By knowing the different names and equivalents for the GPA76 battery, you can easily find a replacement that will work just as well. Whether you call it GPA76, LR44, AG13, L1154, or A76, this small button cell battery is an essential part of many electronic gadgets.

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