Are Porter Cable 20v batteries interchangeable?

Porter Cable 20v batteries are a popular choice among many professionals, but there is an ongoing debate about whether or not they are interchangeable. If you need to know if 20v Porter Cable batteries can be used interchangeably, then you have come to the right place. This article will walk you through the different aspects of these batteries and see the consensus on their use. Read on for more details.

Are Porter Cable batteries interchangeable?

Porter Cable 20 volt batteries are interchangeable. The black battery (PCC681L) is rated 1.3Ah. The red battery (PCC680L) is rated 1.5Ah, meaning that they both have a slightly different amount of power and runtime than each other but are interchangeable with one another since their voltage ratings match up perfectly.

The 20v Porter Cable and 20v DeWalt batteries are interchangeable. Both versions use the same lithium-ion cells that are used to power the tool.

Are Porter Cable 18v and 20v batteries interchangeable?

This is a good question. The response to this will depend on the model of the Porter Cable tool. Generally, Porter Cable 20v batteries are compatible with all Porter Cable 20v tools, but they won't necessarily work with 18v tools. One good example is that you can't use a 20v Porter Cable battery in an 18v Porter Cable drill because the battery won't fit in the tool handle.

This simply works as well with all Porter Cable 18v power tools, like drills are fully compatible with the 18v battery. So if you have an 18v device, it's better to get a battery that is specifically compatible with your tool for it to work properly. 

However in some cases, it is also possible to use a 20v Porter Cable battery with an 18v or 20v tool from another brand as long as you use the correct adapter. This is a great way to use more affordable batteries if you have multiple devices like this.

What batteries are compatible with Porter Cable?

For best performance batteries that are compatible with Porter Cable are its own brand of battery. Porter Cable offers a few different types of batteries and each has its own benefits. Choosing the same line of the battery will ensure that you get the most out of your device and it will work well every time.

What are the tips you should keep in mind when you're trying to choose a Porter Cable battery?

If you buy a Porter Cable tool, make sure the battery is compatible with your Porter Cable device so that you can benefit from the Porter Cable warranty.

The best way to know if your battery is compatible with other models of Porter-Cable tools is by looking through the model number on the device's packaging or on the label. To find out what type of battery your tool uses, look for a sticker that says "Porter-Cable" and then check which voltage it lists next to it (usually either 18V or 20V).

Make sure that when you're buying replacement parts for your device, they are also compatible with other models of Porter-Cable tools. If you are unsure, contact the manufacturer to verify that your batteries will work with other Porter Cable devices.

You should also consider the life of the battery and how long it will take to charge. The number of full discharge cycles is the factor that determines how long a 20v battery will last. The maximum certification level for this sort of battery is 3000 cycles. The Porter Cable 20V battery holds up well under heavy demands, lasting for around 30 minutes. Under home usage and small projects, this is a decent indication. It takes around 5-8 hours to charge the device using a conventional charger, but just 1 hour when utilizing the rapid charger. If you charge the battery and store it, keep in mind that it will lose nearly 5% of its capacity after 24 hours and a little more after each month.


Porter Cable is one of the most trusted brands in power tools because they have excellent customer service and warranty in the industry. Their tools are reliable and they are great for a variety of different projects. That's why when it comes to buying Porter Cable device, you want to make sure that you're getting a tool that has a battery that comes with the device. 

The most important considerations when selecting a Porter Cable battery are compatibility and power to the tool. It is best to choose the power supply that will last and provide you with enough torque without sacrificing speed.

If this is your first time to purchase a power tool before making a purchase online, make sure to read reviews from other customers who have used this product before so as not to be disappointed by what they'll tell you about its performance. Reviews will also tell you if the battery has a good lifespan and how long it takes to charge. Finally, read what other customers think about the company's customer service team so that you know whether or not they're willing to help resolve issues with your purchase.

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