CR2 Vs CR123 – What Is The Difference?

You might have wondered, are CR2 batteries the same as CR123? The main difference between CR2 and CR123 batteries are the CR123 is a little larger and contains more power, while the CR2 has a capacity of 400 – 800 mAh.

Are CR2 and CR123 batteries interchangeable?

Batteries are used in a variety of items at home or at work, including filming equipment like shutter remotes, older film cameras, and small flashlights. In most cases, such devices utilize CR2 or CR123 batteries.

These batteries are very common and are known not only to power devices for extended periods but also because they’re extremely affordable. With these outstanding features about these two kinds of batteries, some people got confused with their interchangeable nature. These two types of batteries are not interchangeable, and you cannot use a CR123 battery in place of a CR2 battery as it will not function as well.

To assist and help you better understand the similarities and differences between CR123 and CR2 batteries, here is a quick guide:


– CR2 and CR123 are both 3-volt batteries. It’s critical to swap a 3-volt battery with another one that has higher volts. Batteries with a higher voltage might cause your gadget serious harm.

– Both CR2 and CR123 are made from Lithium. Lithium has a high energy density making it one of today’s most sought-after batteries for its relatively cheap price tag.

– Aside from the fact that these batteries share the same technology, they are both disposable and not rechargeable. These long-lasting batteries can provide a massive boost in performance for your device with their low discharge rates over time.


– The one noticeable difference between CR2 and CR123 batteries is their physical size. CR123 batteries are quite bigger at 34.5mm long and 17mm diameter compared to the slimmer and smaller CR2 batteries with 27mm in length and 15.6mm diameter. With this difference alone, you can quickly tell that using a CR2 battery as a replacement for a CR123 battery will not work because the latter is much thicker and more prominent, which does not fit well in your device.

– A CR2 battery provides power for 5 to 8 hours before needing replacement, while the CR123 lasts 6-50 hours. The time each one will last depends on how often and long you use your device. It all varies from person to person.

What are the best recommendations for CR2 and CR123 batteries available in the market?

There are plenty of battery brands to choose from. Some are choosing from CR2 battery vs CR123. You can also find these batteries online, like Amazon that has an excellent selection of batteries at affordable prices.

CR123 batteries recommendations:

When you need a powerful battery to power your lights or camera, then don’t settle for anything less than the SureFire CR123 batteries. This 1,550 mAh CR123 will provide all of that energy and more.

The Energizer CR123 lithium battery is also a great choice for high-tech devices because not only does it last long, but the shelf life of these batteries is impressive too. This battery has a 1500 mAh rating which is also an excellent choice for your device.

The Duracell CR123 3V 1400 mAh rating high-power lithium batteries are great options. They’ve been designed specifically with these types of devices that use heavy-duty power supplies, making them perfect for your device.

CR2 batteries recommendations:

The Energizer CR2 3V lithium battery is the best option for daily use. It will always provide a dependable supply of energy to any gadget, and its incredible mAh capacity of 800 can last you much longer periods without requiring recharging.

The Amazon Basics CR2 batteries are also a great option as these batteries have been designed and made to be compatible with a wide range of devices. With its 800 mAh rating, it can provide more power and last longer than conventional alkaline batteries, which makes it the perfect choice for your device.

Which battery is best to use?

The answer to which battery is best will vary from person to person as it depends on what kind of device you are using and your personal preferences. In general, however, the majority of people will choose a CR123 battery over a CR2 because they can provide more power for longer periods.

In conclusion, the battery in your device will lose its power over time, even if it is not being used. When the device begins to shut down or does not turn on because of low battery life, change your batteries with high-quality ones, or you can use the guides detailed in this article.

In order to protect your device or gadget, it is important that you know which type of battery your device takes before making a purchase so as not to waste money on the wrong item. These CR2 and CR123 batteries may look very similar, but they function very differently. It is also essential that you determine the voltage of your device to ensure that you are buying a battery that will work with it.

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