AA Battery Comparison Chart

As a popular battery size, AA batteries come in different shapes and sizes, and choosing the right one can be a challenge. Many brands claim to have long-lasting batteries, so which brand should you choose? The AA Battery Comparison Chart provides information about the top AA battery brands in terms of their lifespan, and here we’ll explore which brand lasts the longest.

AA Battery Comparison Chart

Brand Type Voltage Capacity Lifespan
Duracell AA 1.5V 2450mAh 7-10 years
Energizer AA 1.5V 2500mAh 10 years
Panasonic AA 1.5V 2450mAh 1-2 years
Rayovac AA 1.5V 2450mAh 7-10 years
Sanyo AA 1.5V 2450mAh 7-10 years

Which AA battery brand lasts the longest?

According to consumer reports, lithium AA batteries last the longest, followed closely by alkaline batteries. Within the lithium category, Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA, and Duracell Quantum AA are top-rated brands known for their long-lasting capabilities. In the alkaline category, Duracell CopperTop AA and Energizer MAX AA are among the best for battery longevity.

What is the size difference between AA batteries?

While AA batteries are standardized in terms of voltage, their size can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. Generally, the length of an AA battery ranges from 49 mm to 51 mm, with a diameter of around 14.5 mm. However, some brands produce slightly larger AA batteries, which may not fit in all devices.

Which batteries last longer alkaline or lithium?

Though alkaline batteries are widely used, lithium batteries have a more extended lifespan, making them better for high-drain devices like digital cameras and game controllers. Lithium batteries can last up to five times longer than their alkaline counterparts, and they don’t suffer from power degradation over time. However, lithium batteries are generally more expensive than alkaline batteries.

Why are some AA batteries different sizes?

While the voltage of AA batteries is standardized, different manufacturers can apply slight variations to their size, shape, and connector position. Some AA batteries have a slightly tapered design, while others have a flat top or bottom. Some brands use a button top design, which may not fit into some devices with a flat connector.

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing an AA battery, the brand matters. Lithium batteries, particularly Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA and Duracell Quantum AA, have the longest lifespan, while Duracell CopperTop AA and Energizer MAX AA are the best alkaline batteries. Understanding the slight variations in size among different AA batteries and their specific uses can help you make an informed decision when choosing the best battery for your devices.

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