Where Is the Battery Compartment for the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapid Strike CS-18?

Whether you’re a Nerf enthusiast or just curious about how these toys work, the battery compartment in a Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapid Strike CS-18 is an important topic to know about. After all, it’s hard to have fun with your toy when you don’t have any batteries! Read on and learn how to locate the battery compartment of this Nerf gun rapidstrike CS 18 batteries.

Where is the Nerf Rapidstrike CS 18 battery tray?

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapid Strike CS-18 is a cool-looking toy gun that has the capability to shoot 18 darts without reloading. It’s also pretty awesome because it can fire darts up to 80 feet away. The only downside, however, is that you need batteries in order for them to work correctly. So, where exactly do you put your batteries? We’ll show you how, so keep reading!

The battery compartment in this Elite Rapid Strike is located just below the gun barrel (usually in an orange color section). To help you find it, there are three screws attached to it that hold the battery compartment in place and secure.

How to replace the Nerf Rapidstrike CS 18 batteries?

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapid Strike CS-18 is powered by batteries to fully operate. This amazing Nerf gun requires 4 C batteries which you can find on Amazon and other local retailers. You must also note that the batteries are not included when you purchase this Nerf gun. You’ll need to buy those separately and install them yourself.

Since you know already where the Nerf Rapidstrike CS-18 battery location is, let’s get down to business with the replacement procedure.

Step 1: Loosen the three screws found on the battery cover. You don’t want to lose them or misplace them as you will need them later on. Make sure that they are in a safe place so that you can easily find them when you need to.

Step 2: Gently pull out the battery holder, and you’ll see the set of batteries (on both sides of the tray) already connected inside the compartment.

Step 3: Remove the batteries and be sure to dispose of them properly. Do not just throw them away as these can be a safety hazard to other people and the environment.

Step 4: Once your old batteries are removed, you now have room for the new ones. You may want to check first the battery compartment if it’s free from any dirt or debris. Clean it out properly to ensure that your new batteries can work at their best without any hindrance. Slide in the new set of batteries and be sure to follow the battery patterns. Ensure that you have the exact nerf rapidstrike cs-18 battery type.
Step 5: As soon as the new batteries are in, reinsert the battery holder back to its place and tighten the three screws to secure the battery holder in its position.

Test your Nerf gun out to see if it works properly. If it did, then you have successfully changed the batteries, and this toy gun is good to go! If you are unsure of the procedure, you can always rely on the nerf rapidstrike cs 18 manual.

How to extend the battery life in this Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapid Strike CS-18?

The battery life of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapid Strike CS-18 can be extended by putting this toy gun in a cool, dry place when you’re not playing with it. This will keep the batteries from dying prematurely. For instance, if you’ve been running around with it all day at a Nerf war, the batteries are going to be drained after a while. So make sure that when you bring it back home, put them in a cool, dry place until next time!

Keep this toy gun away from water and other liquids like soda and juice. Liquids can make the toy gun rust, which will damage it in the long run.

If you will be storing the Nerf gun for an extended period of time, it is best to remove the batteries. If batteries are left inside the compartment, they may corrode and damage this great toy gun.

What batteries does the Nerf RapidStrike take?

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapid Strike toy gun requires four C batteries, which can be found on Amazon and other local retailers. They are not included with the purchase of this amazing toy gun so you’ll need to buy them separately before installing them in your new Nerf product.


The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapid Strike CS-18 is a great toy that will keep your kids (or even adults in some cases) entertained for hours. But like any other electronic device, eventually, the batteries run out and need to be replaced. When it’s time for battery replacement, be sure to use the recommended batteries for this toy gun to work properly.

We hope you found our article interesting yet informative in locating where the batteries are, how to replace them when needed, and learn tips on how to maintain the batteries at the same time. Thanks for reading!

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