What does a flashing green light in a Battery Tender mean?

Have you also wondered what does a flashing green light in a battery tender mean? If yes, then this article is for you. We will detail out the meaning of the light signals on a Battery Tender Junior, including some other interesting facts about this device.

What does a flashing green light in a Battery Tender mean?

The flashing lights in a battery tender may mean different things, depending on the model that you have. One of those is a dire warning sign - it means that your battery needs to be replaced as soon as possible. This flashing light may also mean that it has detected some problems with your battery, and it will need to recharge for a while before being used again.

In a Battery Tender Junior, the green light indicator presents a different meaning. And these will be explained further below:

Green Light Flashing: When the battery has a green light flashing with the red light is on, it's over 80% charged. It is safe to remove it at this stage. If at all feasible, leave the battery on charge until the green light is solid. When the green light begins to show, it will continue to do so until the battery charger output current falls below the optimum recharge threshold or until the absorption timer runs out.

Green Light: When the green light is lit, your battery charger is on standby mode. This means that it will keep a full charge for when you need to use them again.

Alternating Green and Red lights: This might signal a reverse polarity connection between the charger output cables and the battery, a sulfated battery, or a corroded battery terminal.

Other light indicators for your reference:

Red Light: When the red light is on, it means that your battery charger has started to charge. If you want a faster and more efficient way for charging large-capacity batteries, then this might take a while.

Red Light Flashing: The red flashing light means that the battery is alive and charging. It could also mean that the charging process has failed because no battery is connected or there was a fault with the connections between the charger and the battery.

If you own this Battery Tender Junior, it is best that you are familiar with what the lights and indicators mean. This way, you'll know when to remove your battery from charging and also if there is a problem with it.

Is the Battery Tender Junior good for larger engines?

The Battery Tender Junior is great for smaller batteries and cheaper than its counterparts on review. Owners of scooters, motorcycles with small engines should purchase this model. The Battery Tender Junior is small, lightweight, and very affordable. It can maintain your battery at the optimum level of charge with its quick connect cables.

If you have larger-engined like motorcycles and ATVs, you may want to consider purchasing the Battery Tender Plus model for quicker charging time. The Battery Tender Plus is among the best tools you can invest in for maintaining your car battery. This device has crocodile clips and a quick connector included, so it's perfect if the charging time isn't a concern. It also comes with ten years' worth of warranty to ensure long-term use as well.

Can you use a Battery Tender to jump-start a vehicle?

The Battery Tenders are all intended to be chargers. They don't include an internal battery that can be used to jump-start your car. There are other devices that come in the same product line. You can check jump starter products on Amazon, for example, that comes with jumper cables (that you can use to jump-start your car).

Can you use the Battery Tender on the AGM battery?

The Battery Tender will not provide higher voltage as AGM batteries require more power from a charger which means you might not get all your money's worth out of one.

On a separate note, battery tenders are not appropriate for charging automobile batteries. Because battery tenders provide power output that is too low for bigger batteries, and charging time would be too long, this is the case.

In conclusion, this article aims to raise awareness on what does a flashing green light in a Battery Tender means and how you should respond. The manual that comes with your device can also provide you with more information. It is ideal that you are well aware of how to use your device. Failure to do so may cause harm or damage to the battery and the device itself.

It is also important that you read all of the warnings mentioned in your Battery Tender packaging. There might be risks involved when you are using it. Thus taking precautionary measures before operating the device is very much advised.

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