What Causes a Car Battery to Drain?

by Phil Borges // in Car

A car battery is a great way to start your vehicle. The engine starts, the lights come on, and you’re ready to go. But after time goes by, the battery begins to lose its charge. What causes a car battery to drain? It might be difficult to know for sure what is causing your battery to drain, but there are a few common culprits. This blog post will talk about the main causes that batteries die and how you can fix them.

What causes a car battery to drain?

The battery is the life force of the car. It powers all electrical components in your vehicle, like headlights, radios, and other car accessories. When the battery malfunctions, it can leave you stranded on the side of the road, or you won’t be able to utilize your car at all.

Most batteries are designed to last for four or five years. However, there are different things that can cause a battery to fail sooner than expected. What’s more difficult to understand is that this problem arises when you know your battery is brand new. It might be confusing at times to determine the root cause of the problem. But the guide below will help you better understand the most common reasons why and what causes the car battery to drain.

Headlights left on – The number one reason that a car battery drains is due to leaving your lights, or other accessories turned on while not in use. Always remember to turn off all electrical components when they are not being used, even something as simple as headlights and interior light switches. If left running for too long, even the little things can drain your battery.

Temperature – The temperature is one of the biggest reasons why your battery drains. When it’s extremely cold outside, most cars will have a harder time starting up, especially when they are not driven for long periods of time. The solution to this problem would be to make sure that your car isn’t left sitting out in extreme temperatures throughout the day.

Bad Battery – A bad battery is a classic example of what causes a car battery to drain. This can happen when you purchase a used vehicle, and the previous owner fails to maintain the correct maintenance schedule for their vehicle. If they never changed or checked on their battery, then it will cause problems later down the road since most batteries are only designed to last for four or five years.

Corrosion – Corrosion can also cause your battery to fail. If moisture gets in between the plates of the battery, then there’s a good chance that it will corrode and become damaged. This is another important reason why you should check on your vehicle when they are not being used for long periods of time because corrosion may happen after weeks or even months of sitting idle.

Parasitic drain – This is another cause of battery drain that can easily be prevented. If you don’t remember to disconnect your car alarm, this could lead to parasitic drain because the alarm will continue running even when not in use which drains power from your battery. Make sure that all accessories and devices are disconnected before turning off or removing the key for any electrical components inside of the vehicle.

Alternator belt – Another way that a car battery drains is by not properly maintaining your alternator. If the belt fails or becomes loose, this can cause it to malfunction, which will result in poor charging of the battery and thus causing problems for you down the road.

How to keep the car battery from dying repeatedly?

The best way to keep your car battery from going dead is by taking care of it. If you’re experiencing a situation where the power shuts off every time, then there are probably some issues with maintenance and connections which will shorten its lifespan significantly. Proper maintenance is the key to making sure that you don’t have to worry about getting stranded or left without electrical power.

What should you do when the battery dies while driving?

If your battery goes dead while you’re driving, do not panic. First, stay calm and try to find a safe place to pull over. This could be the hard shoulder of a motorway or an empty car park.

Second, try to restart the car. It is possible that it simply needed a jump start and can now be driven to the nearest garage for professional assistance or at least somewhere safe.

If the engine does not turn over, turn on the emergency flashers and call roadside recovery service immediately rather than waiting until after dark with no streetlights in unfamiliar surroundings.

In conclusion, there are many things that can cause a car battery to die. The most effective way to prevent this from occurring is by keeping up with maintenance and checking the condition every year. Taking care of automobile difficulties or concerns as soon as possible can help your battery have a longer lifespan.

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