Trolling Motor Size Chart

A trolling motor is an essential tool for fishermen, and it can make a huge difference in their productivity on the water. Choosing the right size trolling motor is crucial to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.

A trolling motor size chart can help you determine the ideal motor for your boat based on factors such as boat size, weight, and desired speed. Here’s a guide to understanding trolling motor size charts to make your purchase process easier.

Trolling Motor Size Chart

Motor Size & Volts Thrust Lbs Shaft Length
30 lb 12v 30 Lbs 42′
40 lb 12v 40 Lbs 45′
45 lb 24v 45 Lbs 48′
50 lb 12v 50 Lbs 48′
55 lb 24v 55 Lbs 54′
55 lb 36v 55 Lbs 54′
60 lb 24v 60 Lbs 54′
70 lb 36v 70 Lbs 60′
80 lb 36v 80 Lbs 60′
100 lb 36v 100 Lbs 72′

How do I know what size trolling motor I need?

The trolling motor size you need is dependent on the size and weight of your boat. To determine the appropriate size, check the manufacturer’s recommendation or use a trolling motor size chart.

The chart will help you choose the right thrust rating based on the weight of your boat. For example, a 30-pound thrust motor is ideal for a 12-foot boat, and a 55-pound thrust motor is recommended for a boat up to 21 feet long.

How big of a trolling motor do I need for a 16 ft boat?

For a 16 ft boat, a 40 to 45-pound thrust motor is appropriate. However, it ultimately depends on the weight of the boat, number of passengers and the desired speed.

How long will a 55 lb thrust trolling motor run?

The average run time for a 55 pound thrust trolling motor with a battery of 12 volts will be about 2 hours to 6 hours. However, this is dependent on variables such as battery size, wind, currents, and the level of power required to propel your boat.

How many HP is a 55lb trolling motor?

Unlike gasoline motors, trolling motors are not rated using horsepower (HP). Instead, they are rated by thrust, which is a measure of how much power they can generate to move your boat. A 55lb trolling motor provides approximately 0.75HP.


Investing in the right size trolling motor can greatly improve your fishing experience. Consider the weight, size, and desired speed of your boat when choosing a trolling motor, and refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation or a trolling motor size chart for guidance. In addition, ensure the trolling motor’s thrust rating matches the weight of your boat for maximum efficiency. With the right trolling motor, you can cruise through the water with ease and focus more on your fishing technique.

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