The Power of the 31 MHD Battery

When it comes to powering heavy-duty equipment or marine vessels, having a reliable battery is crucial. The 31 MHD battery, with its combination of deep-cycle capabilities and starting power, is a popular choice for those who need a battery that can handle demanding applications. In this article, we’ll explore what MHD means on a battery, the types of batteries like Interstate 31 MHD and SRM 31, and how much a 31 MHD battery weighs. We’ll take a closer look at the features and benefits that make the 31 MHD battery an ideal choice for any heavy-duty application.

What does MHD mean on a battery?

MHD stands for Maintenance-Hybrid-Deep cycle. This type of battery combines the advantages of a deep-cycle battery (longer lifespan and sustained performance) with those of a starting battery (high cranking amps). This means that MHD batteries provide reliable starting power and long-lasting, consistent performance.

What type of battery is an Interstate 31 MHD?

The Interstate 31 MHD is a heavy-duty, dual-purpose marine battery designed to provide reliable starting power and continuous performance for boats and other marine applications. This battery is designed for high-current starting applications and has a deep-cycle capability for heavy accessory loads. It is also vibration resistant, ensuring its toughness against the rough marine environment.

What kind of battery is an SRM 31?

The SRM 31 is a high-performance battery designed for demanding applications, including large recreational vehicles, trucks, and construction equipment. This battery has a reserve capacity of 155 minutes and is capable of providing reliable starting power in the harshest conditions. The SRM 31 battery is a combination of a starting and deep cycle battery, making it ideal for use in applications requiring both high cranking amps and long-lasting performance.

How much does a 31 MHD battery weigh?

The weight of a 31 MHD battery can vary depending on the brand and application, but typically it weighs around 75 pounds. This weight can be a concern when replacing your battery, but the performance and reliability of the 31 MHD battery outweighs the inconvenience of its weight.


The 31 MHD battery is a hybrid maintenance, dual-purpose battery that packs a powerful punch. From its combination of deep-cycle and starting batteries to its reliability in even the harshest environments, it is no wonder that it is popular among marine and heavy-duty vehicle enthusiasts. Its performance and long lifespan make it an excellent investment that will inevitably pay off in the long ru

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