Milwaukee Battery Date Code Chart

Milwaukee is a well-known brand when it comes to power tools and their batteries. One of the essential things you need to know as a Milwaukee user is how to read the date code on the battery. This code will determine the manufacturing date, and it helps you understand the age of the battery.

Milwaukee Battery Date Code Chart

Month Year Code
January A 0
February B 1
March C 2
April D 3
May E 4
June F 5
July G 6
August H 7
September J 8
October K 9
November L 0
December M 1

How do you read a MILWAUKEE battery date code?

Milwaukee uses a six-digit code engraved on the battery. The first four digits represent the manufacturing date, while the last two digits represent the year.
For example, the code “1234 20” means the battery was manufactured on the 123rd day of 2020. If the code is “0518 18,” it means the battery was manufactured on the 5th day of 2018. The last two digits represent the year, so in this case, 2018.

How do I check the battery life on my MILWAUKEE?

Milwaukee batteries come with a fuel gauge, which provides you with a real-time reading of the battery life. The gauge displays the current level of the charge and how much power is remaining in the battery. If you’re using a Milwaukee M12 or M18 battery, pressing the fuel gauge button will illuminate the LED lights and indicate the remaining battery life.

What do the numbers on a MILWAUKEE battery mean?

Milwaukee batteries have numbers that represent different specifications. Here are some of the common numbers and what they mean:

– Voltage: Milwaukee batteries come in different voltage ratings. The voltage rating indicates the amount of power the battery can provide to the tool.
– Amp Hours (Ah): Ah rating indicates the overall energy capacity of the battery. The higher the Ah rating, the higher the performance and runtime.
– Model Number: This number represents the specific Milwaukee battery model.

How do you read MILWAUKEE serial numbers?

Milwaukee has a unique system for reading their serial numbers. The first letter of the serial number represents the year of manufacture. For instance, “A” represents 2010, “B” represents 2011, and so on.

The second letter represents the production month. “A” represents January, “B” February, and so on. The next two digits represent the day of the month, while the last five digits represent the production number.

Knowing how to read the Milwaukee battery date code, checking the battery life, and understanding the numbers and serial numbers are essential when it comes to using Milwaukee power tools. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to make informed decisions on when to replace your batteries and understand how to get the most out of them.

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