How To Watch Drive In Movie Without Draining The Car Battery 

 September 19, 2021

By  Phil Borges

Every summer, families get together to enjoy their bonding time. One of the popular forms is a drive-in movie date because it allows for plenty of family fun and entertainment without having to worry about anything but enjoying each other's company!

Summertime means that you can bring your entire vehicle with all windows down so everyone in the car has fresh air while they watch movies on screens outside instead of just sitting inside. But what if I want more power? Well luckily new vehicles have electrical systems designed specifically for today’s increased demands like powering up an electric seat or phone charger; though we recommend leaving any lights off during this activity as well since these accessories could place too much strain on your battery when running at idle speeds continuously throughout the film.

How to watch drive in movie without draining car battery?

Turn off all lights, headlights, and tail lights. 

Turning off the headlights and tail lights will save your battery during a movie. Making sure to turn down the car radio’s volume won’t be too taxing on it either, but if you are running any other accessory that takes power like heated seats or A/C then make sure not to forget them!

Run the engine for a while before turning off.

Allowing the engine to run for a little while will help your battery charge enough power so that you can enjoy movie time with no interruptions.

Newer batteries won't drain that fast

Having an old and worn out battery that is suitable for replacement will not make it to a drive-in movie. It would be best if you replaced your current battery before the adventure so as to avoid any disappointment in case anything happens. You should always have a backup plan because when we least expect our batteries are dead, which can be frustrating at times especially during emergencies or late night drives with family members who help us through tough situations until they too get tired of driving all around town looking for places where they could charge their phones while waiting patiently on others who need some power source from time to time like people do nowadays due to the advancement and popularity among consumers about such devices; this way, there won't ever be another worry within anyone's mind that will have to be taken care of.

Disconnect sub-woofers and amps from the radio.

You may have great speakers for your car, but they're not going to be much use if the battery drains. To avoid this problem, just switch off any sub-woofers or amplifiers during a drive in movie and when you park in general.

Bring your own portable radio.

The most interesting drive-in movie viewing options are using your car's stereo or bringing in portable radio and speakers. You can use the FM signal from your portable radio from these to hear sound, but it will drain your battery if left on for a long time. 

Will A Drive-in Movie Drain My Car Battery?

A drive-in movie theater can drain your car's battery due to the lighting, projector screens and speakers. A drop in the car battery could also be caused by improperly turning on headlights or leaving signal lights turned on while not using them any longer.

If you're going to watch a movie at a public venue such as an outdoor drive-in theater, make sure you have appropriate cables for all of your electronics and that they are plugged into outlets inside your vehicle. This will ensure that current is only drawn by these devices when needed, rather than being constantly drained from your vehicle's electrical system which would thusly drain its battery power more quickly than usual (since most cars are not designed with external cell phone chargers in mind).

Are There Available Jumpstarters In Drive-in Movies For Cars With A Dead Engine?

I am not aware of any jump-starters for cars, but if you have a problem with your car's engine and are near a drive-in movie theater, they may be able to provide you with some assistance. Some theaters offer power outlets at concession stands or just outside the entrance to plug in your car before starting the next movie. If this doesn't work (or didn't exist), then there is probably a mechanic near by who can help you once the film is over.

If all else fails, look anywhere by an exit where people will be exiting their cars. You should be able to find someone walking from their car back into the theater who can give you a boost or start your car if it's dead.

How Long Will A Battery Last In A Drive-in Movie?

Drive-in movies are outdoors so they're bound to be susceptible to rain, animals, insects, and other unknowns. It's difficult to say how much power a battery would last when used in such an unpredictable setting.

The most important thing you can do for the longevity of your battery is to charge it up regularly as you use it. There are even products that can remind you if your phone or personal electronics get plugged into the car for too long while still charging on a socket (which is sometimes done by mistake). Most importantly, make sure the battery is charged before turning off all powered devices at night because every time they're powered back on after being completely drained their life expectancy decreases a little bit more.

What Should I Do If My Car Has Daytime Running Lights That Can’t Be Turned Off?

Daytime running lights (DRLs) are lights mounted to a car's front or rear that automatically turn on during the day to increase the visibility of your vehicle. Some drivers, however, might find it frustrating and distracting when their DRLs are always activated even in broad daylight. If you want your daytime running lights turned off so you can get some peace and quiet by driving with them on all the time, then there is really only one solution: Drive-In Movies. This is where you actually take your car over to a movie theater and reserve a set viewing space near the screen for yourself--thus preventing anyone else from blocking your view while simultaneously getting peace and quiet from those irritating daytime running lights.

What Car Battery Type Is Best To Use For A Drive-in Movie?

It all depends on how far you are driving to the movie, and how many movies you will be watching. For shorter drives (10-30 miles) that take 3 hours or less, a deep cycle battery type can work great. They hold up longer for shorter trips because they use a flat discharge curve instead of a steep discharge curve like other types of batteries do. Other options include an automotive auxiliary battery and/or an invertor set powered by AC electricity from your car's electrical system. A few notes about options:

Automotive Auxiliary Battery - Automotive auxiliaries can offer more power out than car batteries, but are heavier to install and take longer to recharge due to their larger size

Inverter Set - Inverter sets are lighter weight than automotive auxiliaries, but provide less power out and take longer to recharge

What Are The Best Deep Cycle Batteries We Can Use For Drive-in Movies?

For a drive-in theater, it's wise to have batteries that are not only deep cycle (meaning they can take several charge cycles), but also designed to tolerate very cold temperatures. A good battery for this purpose would be an AGM or "absorbed glass mat" battery.

This type of battery is relatively common for use in conditions of extreme heat and cold due to the safety advantages of the design and because it doesn't need maintenance like a charged lead acid battery does with watering and checking their level with specific gravity tests. The downside is that these batteries may be more expensive than traditional car starter batteries, but given the specialized nature of their application I think they're worth spending more money on!

On top of that, AGM batteries are also good for use in a deep cycle setting because they're able to sustain their charge at lower temperatures where lead acid batteries would freeze.

Now that you know more about how to watch a drive-in movie without draining your car battery, don’t hesitate and plan an outing with the family this summer. When it comes to enjoying the film in comfort while still maintaining full control of your car battery, there isn’t much better than watching from the comfort of your own car!

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