How to Change the Batteries on Your Sentry Safe?

The Sentry Safe is a great place to store your valuables and precious memories. But, like most technology these days, it needs periodic maintenance in order to keep working at its best. One of the important things that you should do with your Sentry Safe every now and then is to change the batteries. If you have lost the manual of your Sentry Safe, or you can’t find instructions online, then this article will help you through how to change the battery on a Sentry Safe keypad the proper way.

How to change a battery in a Sentry Safe?

As the owner of a Sentry Safe, you should know how to change the batteries on a Sentry Safe. Changing the Sentry Safe batteries is a task that many people have to do from time to time, but few know how.

Sentry Safes come in various models, so it’s crucial to know what type you have and where the battery compartment is located. Once this information has been obtained, changing batteries before they die can be a quick and easy task.

Here’s how to change your batteries in Sentry Safe models that begin with CS, CSW, KS, DA, KSW, DS, OA, MSW:

Step 1: Locate the shipping screw underneath the edge of the electronic lock or keypad. Remove the screw with the use of a Phillips head screwdriver and set it aside.

Step 2: Turn the electronic lock keypad clockwise and remove it.

Step 3: Take out the old batteries and insert 4 AA alkaline batteries as indicated. Make sure that they are properly seated into their slots, so they don’t become loose over time, or water could be able to seep inside, causing damage that is not covered by the warranty.

Step 4: Reattach the electronic lock keypad and turn it counterclockwise to secure it.

Step 5: Realign the screw back underneath the keypad with the use of a Phillips head screwdriver to secure it in place.

What batteries do Sentry Safe use?

When you’re trying to think or figure out how to keep your stuff safe, alkaline batteries are recommended by Sentry. Most models use four AA batteries to power the electronic lock keypad. Remember to always take note of the following when changing batteries in your Sentry Safe:

  • So try not to mix rechargeable and lithiums because they don’t work well in these types of locking mechanisms.
  • Do not combine old and new batteries, and do not mix different brands of batteries.
  • Make sure you’re only using fresh Alkaline batteries. Do not use non-alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, or mixtures of old and new batteries to be safe.
  • Sentry recommends buying batteries from a reputable source that can guarantee the integrity of its products.
  • Batteries expire, and to ensure that only fresh batteries are used, it is best to check the expiration date on each battery before use.

Don’t forget that all battery replacements should be done at once if you’ve decided on a new set – it’s best practice.

You may also contact the manufacturer for information on battery replacements and what batteries are best used in the locking mechanism.

How often do you change the batteries in your Sentry Safe?

On average, batteries in electronic safes last up to two years, depending on usage. Over time, you will also need to have a Sentry Safe battery replacement. To ensure that the batteries in your electronic safe last as long as possible, it’s best to change them at least once per year. If you open up your safe more frequently than this, then you may need to replace them sooner, depending on how often they are used.

There are electronic Sentry Safes that give you a warning when the batteries are low. To prevent your battery from dying, change them immediately once this signal is present.


There are many reasons to own a Sentry Safe, either for home use or office use. The safe is an investment in protecting your valuables, and each brand carries different models for a variety of purposes. Sentry is the leading manufacturer in home and business security, offering a wide selection of models to meet your needs.

If you notice your Sentry safe’s battery is going dead, change the batteries immediately. If left alone too long without power to run its lock mechanism, it will become useless and need a hefty repair bill in addition to the replacement cost of a new one.

If you are not so sure of which model your Sentry safe is, visit their website to find out which code model your Sentry Safe is, or call the manufacturer who can assist you in finding out which type you have.

Don’t wait until the last minute to replace the batteries in your Sentry Safe! It’s better to be prepared than sorry. The cost of a new battery is much less than replacing your entire unit or having to pay a locksmith to drill the lock open. With a little preparation and knowledge of how you operate your Sentry safe, changing those batteries can be as easy and quick as changing a light bulb.

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