Best Harley Batteries (2022): Reviews & Comparison

There's nothing like the sound of a Harley Davidson engine roaring to life. But all that power comes at a price: you need a good battery to keep your bike going. So, what's the best Harley battery for you? Check out the top five Harley batteries below to help you make your decision.

1. THROTTLEX HDX30L Replacement Battery

  • The HDX30L is a maintenance-free AGM Sealed Battery.
  • It has a 400 CCA and 28AH rating, which will offer the same power as your OEM Harley Davidson battery.
  • The HDX30L is sealed and can not spill acid if broken or damaged.
  • It also features patented solid lead female threaded terminals with stainless steel bolts for easy installation.
  • This battery is non-spillable and has absorbed glass mat technology that prevents acid from leaking out during charging or use.
  • The HDX30L comes fully charged and ready to install.
THROTTLEX HDX30L Replacement Battery

This is a brand new high performance AGM battery for Harley Davidson. It is made in the U.S.A., and it includes a 30 day money back guarantee and 18 month free replacement warranty. This battery has 400 CCA and 28 AH, which are higher than the original equipment Harley Davidson batteries.

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2. Yuasa GYZ32HL Battery

  • Yuasa's GYZ32HL battery is the perfect fit for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
  • This AGM technology battery is spill-proof, maintenance-free, and offers 500 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA).
  • The GYZ32HL also has a longer life than conventional batteries and features lead-calcium technology to ensure superior performance in extreme temperatures.
Yuasa YUAM732HL Battery

Yuasa YUAM732HL battery is a powerful replacement for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The battery has a spill-proof design and can be used in big Harley engines. Yuasa’s lead-calcium technology makes the battery last longer and provides more power to start your bike.

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3. Deka Sports Power ETX-30L

  • Deka Sports Power ETX-30L is a leak-proof and spill-proof design with 400 cold-cranking amps.
  • This battery is perfect for your car, truck, boat, RV, or tractor.
  • The side connection terminals are perfect for added versatility, and the friendly price means you can't go wrong.
Deka Sports Power ETX-30L

Looking for a battery that is both leak-proof and spill-proof? Look no further than the Deka Sports Power ETX-30L! This battery is designed to withstand the damaging effects of vibration, making it perfect for use in vehicles or heavy equipment. It also features side connection terminals for added versatility. Plus, at 400 Cold Cranking Amps, this battery provides plenty of power for your needs. Order yours today and enjoy worry-free operation!

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4. Pirate Battery YTX30L-BS High-Performance Power Sports Battery

  • The Pirate Battery YTX30L-BS is a high-performance motorcycle battery designed for superior performance and long life.
  • This battery has a leak-proof design that makes it ready to use without the need for charging, making this the perfect choice for today's consumer who wants to get on their bike and ride.
  • This 12-volt battery features a sealed lead acid design that provides you with an excellent warranty, so you can keep your peace of mind as well as all of your accessories running smoothly.
YTX30L-BS Power Sports Battery

The YTX30L-BS High Performance Power Sports Battery is the perfect replacement for your original battery. The YTX30L-BS is ready to use, no charging required and has a leak-proof design. This battery will provide excellent performance and long life in your powersport vehicle or equipment.

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5. HDX20L – Harley Davidson Replacement Battery

  • This battery is designed to be a direct replacement for the original equipment battery and features the same power and quality.
  • It also comes with a solid warranty, so you can rest assured that you're getting a quality product.
  • Plus, the leak-proof and spill-proof design means you don't have to worry about any accidents.
HDX20L Replacement Battery.

Looking for a quality Harley Davidson replacement battery that you can trust? Look no further than HDX20L. This replacement battery is backed by a solid warranty and boasts 310 cold cranking amps – the same as the original equipment battery. Plus, the leak-proof and spill-proof design means you can rest easy knowing your battery is safe. Click ADD TO CART now to get your new HDX20L Harley Davidson replacement battery today!

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What is the best Harley battery?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best Harley battery for your bike depends on a number of factors. However, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a battery for your Harley:

  • First, consider the size of your motorcycle. A bigger bike will need a battery with more power and reserve capacity than a smaller one.
  • Second, take into account how you use your motorcycle. If you do a lot of stop-and-go city riding, you'll need a different type of battery than if you mostly take long highway trips.
  • Finally, consult your owner's manual or talk to a qualified Harley mechanic to get specific recommendations for your bike.

How long should Harley battery last?

The battery life can vary so much depending on the make and model of your Harley, how often you ride, and how well you maintain your bike. However, in general, you can expect a Harley battery to last anywhere from two to five years. Of course, if you take good care of your bike and your battery, you can extend its life even further.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your Harley battery:

1. Keep it clean. One of the best ways to prolong the life of your Harley battery is to keep it clean. Make sure to wipe down the terminals and connections with a cloth or brush every few weeks to remove any dirt or buildup. This will help maintain a good connection and prevent corrosion.

2. Store it properly. When you're not riding your Harley, it's important to store the battery properly. If possible, keep it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. This will help prevent the battery from overcharging or discharging too much.

3. Charge it regularly. Even if you don't ride your Harley often, it's still a good idea to charge the battery regularly. This will help keep it in good condition and prevent any unexpected issues.

4. Keep an eye on the level of electrolytes. The level of electrolyte in your battery should be checked regularly to ensure it's at the proper level.

5. Avoid deep discharge cycles. Deep discharge cycles can shorten the life of your Harley battery, so it's best to avoid them if possible. If you do need to discharge the battery completely, make sure to charge it as soon as possible afterward.

Following these simple tips, you can help extend the life of your Harley battery and keep it running strong for years to come.

How many CCA does a Harley need?

The ideal battery for a Harley Davidson motorcycle is one that has at least 300 cold-cranking amps (CCA). This will ensure that your bike has enough power to start on even the coldest days.

Batteries with less than 300 CCA may struggle to start your motorcycle on very cold days (-15°F or lower), so it is best to err on the side of caution and go with a higher CCA rating if possible. In general, batteries with a higher CCA rating will also have a longer lifespan than those with a lower rating.

What type of battery does Harley use?

Harley-Davidson batteries are made with high-quality components and are designed to withstand the vibrations and jolts that come with riding a motorcycle. They're also built to last, so you can count on them to start your bike day after day, mile after mile. 

What volt battery does a Harley-Davidson use?

Most Harley-Davidson motorcycles use a 12-volt battery. However, there are some models that use a 6-volt battery. The type of battery you need depends on the year and model of your Harley.

To find the right battery for your motorcycle, you'll need to know the make, model, and year it was manufactured. You can usually find this information on a sticker or plate located on the frame of your bike. Once you have that information, you can head over to a local Harley-Davidson dealer or an online retailer to find the correct battery for your bike.


Harley Davidson batteries are not just like any other battery. They have to be able to withstand the extra load that comes with a Harley engine. With all of the different types and brands of motorcycle batteries on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for your bike.

This article has taken some of the guesswork out of it by recommending five of the best Harley Davidson batteries on the market. So, whether you're looking for a replacement battery or just want to be prepared in case of an emergency, try any one of these batteries, and rest assured that your Harley will startup no matter what.

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