Are Deka Batteries Good?

Deka batteries are a popular choice for many people. They are found in numerous products across the world, but this article will focus on their use in cars. As you may know, car batteries have to provide power when starting your engine and power all of the other electronic features that come with modern vehicles. This is very demanding work! The question is, can Deka stand up to this?

Deka Battery Size Chart

Battery Size CCA @ 0°F RC @ 25°F AH @ 20 HR Length Width Height Weight
6DL 380 85 90 7.7″ 5″ 6.8″ 43.5 lbs.
8DL 505 110 120 9.5″ 6.7″ 8.7″ 57.5 lbs.
9DL 580 130 150 9.5″ 6.7″ 10.2″ 62.5 lbs.
10DL 655 140 180 10.1″ 7.3″ 10.2″ 70.9 lbs.
12DL 780 160 210 12.2″ 6.7″ 10.2″ 76 lbs.
14DL 905 180 240 12.2″ 6.7″ 10.2″ 85 lbs.
16DL 1030 200 280 13.1″ 7.5″ 10.2″ 96 lbs.
18DL 1155 220 310 13.1″ 7.5″ 10.2″ 105 lbs.
20DL 1280 250 350 13.1″ 7.5″ 10.2″ 110 lbs.
24DL 1560 280 420 13.1″ 7.5″ 10.2″ 125 lbs.
30DL 1940 320 500 13.1″ 7.5″ 10.2″ 145 lbs.

Who makes Deka battery?

Deka is a popular brand of deep-cycle batteries. Deka also makes other types of batteries, including cars and starters, but it’s best known for its deep-cycle models. This type of battery has received good reviews from most people who have used the product.

Deka batteries are manufactured by East Penn Manufacturing Co., which was founded in 1912 and is still family-owned, making it one of the oldest battery makers in the United States.

Deka car batteries are often used as a replacement for the OEM battery in many vehicles. But how good are Deka batteries? In some cases, they have been known to last longer than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) batteries, but that is not always the case and may depend on other factors such as driving habits and climate conditions where you live.

A Deka deep cycle battery has a capacity of 100 to 150 ampere-hours. They are generally used in golf carts, floor machines, lawn tractors, and other electric vehicles with large electrical systems that demand lots of power over an extended period of time.

Deka is known for an excellent warranty, and they stand behind their products very well. You will be pleased with the quality of your Deka battery if it lasts two or three years – which most do.

Deka batteries are an inexpensive option for people that need a lot of power. If you’re looking to increase the longevity of your battery life and energy density, then Deka is worth considering. They are long-lasting and can provide up to 2 times longer energy than other brands on the market today.

Are Deka batteries made in USA?

Deka batteries are made in the USA with high-quality materials that you can trust. East Penn Manufacturing, an ISO-certified manufacturing facility for this product that’s owned and operated by American Workers.

East Penn Manufacturing has been building batteries since 1917, and they are the world’s largest battery manufacturer with over 70 years of experience in meeting customers’ needs. The Deka AGM Battery is one example of many products that East Penn Manufacturing produces for a variety of industries uses, including Emergency Lighting, Medical Mobility/Scooters, UPS Battery Backup Systems, Solar Energy Storage Systems, and many more.

Are Napa batteries made by Deka?

Since 2009, DEKA has produced Napa batteries. They are being manufactured by East Penn, which was founded in 1946 and quickly became one of the most respected manufacturers to date.

These two battery brands are often confused with one another. They both make high-quality batteries, and they’re both very popular, which is probably why people get these names mixed up in the first place.

Where are Deka batteries made?

Deka batteries are made in the USA. They have a great reputation for quality and performance, which is why they cost more than other brands of deep cycle marine batteries. The higher price also reflects their four to five-year warranty (which requires that you maintain them properly). Deka batteries come with either high or low maintenance designs; if you want the best that money can buy, then go for high maintenance batteries. They are most likely to last five years and more than three times longer than low-maintenance batteries.

Deka also provides a great warranty plan on their products, so if you decide Deka is not your brand of choice, there’s no need to worry! Their batteries might be a little pricey, but you can rest easy knowing that they will replace any faulty batteries for up to four years.

Deka batteries are worth the investment because they can easily be used in cars, boats, and other vehicles. These battery types have these benefits:

  • The Deka battery is designed with features that enhance performance for maintenance and safety.
  • The flush cover design maximizes current transfer, so you may find this to be a better choice in vehicles.

With these benefits, it’s easy to see why Deka is a great choice!


There are tons of batteries available on the market right now. Some of them are good, and some aren’t so effective, but they all have their pros and cons.

Choosing which one is suitable may come as a challenge, but the information presented in this article will help you to make a better decision. Be sure that you take proper care of your car battery as much as possible. This will ensure that you get the most extended life out of your Deka battery as well as any other model.

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