Who Sells Motorcraft Batteries?

Motorcraft batteries are a popular choice for Ford vehicle owners. But where can you buy them? In this article, we’ll answer that question and provide some additional information about Motorcraft batteries.

How much does a Motorcraft battery cost?

The cost of a Motorcraft battery varies depending on the type of vehicle it is intended for. Generally, Motorcraft batteries range in price from $100 to $200.

How good are Motorcraft batteries?

Motorcraft batteries are known for their reliability and durability. They are designed to meet or exceed the specifications of the vehicle they are intended for. Motorcraft batteries are also maintenance-free, meaning you don’t have to worry about checking the water level or adding water to the battery.

What brand batteries does Ford use?

Ford uses Motorcraft batteries as their official battery brand. Motorcraft is a division of Ford Motor Company and is the recommended battery brand for all Ford vehicles.

How do you warranty a Motorcraft battery?

If you have a problem with your Motorcraft battery, you can take it to any Ford or Lincoln dealership for warranty service. Motorcraft batteries come with a limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship for up to three years from the date of purchase.

To make a warranty claim, you will need to provide proof of purchase and the vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle the battery was installed in. The dealership will inspect the battery and determine if it is covered under warranty. If it is, they will replace the battery free of charge.


If you’re in need of a new battery for your Ford vehicle, consider a Motorcraft battery. They are designed to meet the specific needs of your vehicle and are backed by a limited warranty. You can purchase Motorcraft batteries at any Ford or Lincoln dealership.

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