What Happens When You Lick a Battery?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you licked an AA battery? Well, the answer is not as shocking as you might think. Licking an AA battery will cause a tingling sensation on your tongue due to the electric current passing through it. However, the amount of electricity produced by a single AA battery is not enough to cause any serious harm to your body.

What happens if a child licks a battery?

Children are naturally curious, and they might be tempted to lick a battery out of curiosity. If a child licks a battery, they might experience the same tingling sensation on their tongue as adults do. However, if a child swallows a battery, it could be potentially life-threatening. The chemicals inside the battery can cause severe burns in the esophagus or stomach, leading to permanent damage or even death.

Does licking a battery make it last longer?

Many people believe that licking a battery can make it last longer. However, this is just a myth. Licking a battery does not affect its performance or lifespan in any way. In fact, licking a battery can cause more harm than good, as it exposes your body to potentially harmful chemicals.

What does licking a battery feel like?

Licking a battery feels like a tingling or buzzing sensation on your tongue. The sensation is caused by the electric current passing through your tongue, which stimulates the nerve endings. Some people might find the sensation pleasurable, while others might find it uncomfortable or even painful. However, it is important to remember that licking a battery can be dangerous and should not be done intentionally.

In conclusion, licking a battery might seem like a harmless experiment, but it can be potentially dangerous, especially for children. If you or your child accidentally swallow a battery, seek medical attention immediately. Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry!

About the author, Phil Borges

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