How to Use AAA Batteries as AA Batteries: A Comprehensive Guide

This article will discuss the possibility of using AAA batteries as AA batteries, explore recommendations for specific battery brands, and compare their performance.

Can You Use AAA Batteries as AA Batteries?

While it is possible to use AAA batteries as AA batteries by placing tin foil on both ends to make them fit, this approach comes with risks and limitations. AAA batteries have a lower capacity than AA batteries, which means they will run out of power more quickly when used in a device that requires AA batteries. Additionally, there is a risk of shorting out the batteries, potentially causing them to leak and damage the device.

Safety Considerations

Although some users have successfully used AAA batteries as AA batteries, it is essential to proceed cautiously. If you attempt this, ensure the tin foil is securely attached to the battery ends, and monitor the device for signs of leakage or overheating.

Recommended Battery Brands

Based on user experiences and recommendations, the following battery brands are worth considering:

  • Eneloop: These batteries are highly praised for their quality, durability, and power delivery. The white 1900mAh Eneloop batteries made in Japan are especially popular.
  • Duracell AA Ultra 2400mAh (Green-Copper): Another reliable option.
  • LADDA from IKEA: These batteries are often compared to Eneloops, as they come from the same factory and share similar specifications.
  • Energizer Industrial or Duracell Procell: These are also solid alternatives.

Battery Comparison: Eneloop vs. Other Brands

Comparing Eneloop batteries to other brands reveals some similarities and differences:

  • Duracell with white tops: These batteries may be rebranded Eneloops.
  • Eneloop PRO batteries: Available in both AA and AAA sizes, they have a higher capacity (2500mAh) but a shorter life cycle (500 cycles) compared to regular Eneloops (1900mAh and 2100 cycles).
  • IKEA LADDA batteries: As mentioned earlier, they come from the same factory as Eneloops and have almost the same specifications.


While it is possible to use AAA batteries as AA batteries, it is not recommended due to the risks and limitations involved. It is best to use the appropriate battery size for your device to ensure optimal performance and safety. If you are looking for high-quality batteries, consider the brands mentioned above, such as Eneloop, Duracell, and IKEA LADDA.

About the author, Tim Maggs