Everything You Need to Know About the 2005 Acura TSX Battery

by Phil Borges // in Car

If you’re a proud owner of a 2005 Acura TSX, then you know how important it is to keep your vehicle in top condition. One of the essential components of your car is the battery, which provides the power to start your engine and keep your car’s electrical system running. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the 2005 Acura TSX battery and answer some common questions about it.

What Kind of Battery Does the 2005 Acura TSX Use?

The 2005 Acura TSX comes with a maintenance-free 12-volt battery that is designed for high performance and durability. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) battery is made by Panasonic and has a part number of 31500-SD4-100M.

What Size Battery Does an Acura TSX Need?

The 2005 Acura TSX requires a Group 51R battery, which has the following dimensions:

  • Length: 9.38 inches
  • Width: 5.19 inches
  • Height: 8.75 inches
  • Weight: 32.9 pounds

What Kind of Battery Does a 2006 Acura TSX Use?

The 2006 Acura TSX also uses a Group 51R battery, which is the same as the 2005 model. However, the OEM battery for the 2006 model is made by Yuasa and has a part number of 31500-SDA-A00.

Is the 2005 Acura TSX Reliable?

According to Consumer Reports, the 2005 Acura TSX is a reliable car. It has an above-average reliability rating and has been praised for its handling, fuel economy, and overall performance. However, like any car, it’s essential to keep up with regular maintenance, including checking and replacing the battery when necessary, to ensure that it runs smoothly and lasts for years to come.

In conclusion, the 2005 Acura TSX battery is a vital component of your car that requires proper maintenance and replacement when necessary. By using the correct battery size and type, you can ensure that your car starts reliably and that your electrical system runs smoothly. If you’re ever in doubt about your battery’s condition, it’s always best to consult with a professional mechanic or service technician who can help you diagnose any issues and recommend the best course of action.

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