Common Reasons Why A Black And Decker 18V Battery Won’t Charge

Rechargeable batteries are commonly used in power drills and vacuum cleaners. Black & Decker 18 volt battery is one of the widely used batteries in various products. Homeowners who rely on this battery may experience inconvenience and frustration whenever there’s a problem with the product. This guide aims to help you identify the typical reasons why the battery on your Black and Decker cordless drill is not charging and how you can fix them immediately.


The battery may not be plugged into an outlet, or there’s a break in the circuit between the charger, battery, or cord.

Not enough voltage

There may not be enough voltage coming from the circuit breaker or power strip. If you have other devices that require electricity on this circuit, determine which device has priority first before trying to charge your Black and Decker 18V battery again.

Not in good condition battery

The battery may not be in good condition if you charge your device, but nothing happens. Chargers can test voltage output on batteries to see what level they’re at before charging them up again.

Faulty charger

Bad quality chargers have a short period in which they work and then stop working. This would make any device that’s plugged into the charger useless.

Dead indicator light

If you notice the indicator light on your charger isn’t working, diagnose and troubleshoot the issue. Remember that charging depends on how much juice is left in the power source.

Sensitive batteries

Batteries may not charge properly if it’s too hot or cold. Unplug the battery for around 15 minutes. If it’s too hot, connect to a charger again. Alternatively, you could move the charger to a heated room for an hour or two before trying again.

Dirt and corrosion

Dirt and corrosion on the charger’s contacts prevent electrical flow, but it’s easy to fix. First, unplug the charger for safety reasons and use a small screwdriver to scrape off any corrosion. Once they are both clean, try charging again.

Light’s out!

If you were wondering why your Black and Decker 18v battery is not charging, it might be because of a faulty electrical outlet. If the charger’s light is out, try connecting it to a different outlet.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Is there a warranty for Black and Decker 18v Battery?

Yes, there is a 180-day part and labor warranty for Black and Decker 18v batteries. If your battery is over two years old and not working, the company may fix or replace it with an equal or more excellent value product. Learn more about Black and Decker on Battery Tools.

What is the lifespan of an 18v battery?

The lifespan of an 18v battery ranges from one to two years, depending on usage and how often you recharge it. If you have an older Black and Decker cordless power tool less than two years old and it’s not working, contact the Customer Service Department for a replacement under warranty.

Is it worry-free if the battery is left unplugged?

It is generally safe to leave the battery unplugged. The charger will automatically power off when the battery is fully charged. Continuous charging can lead to issues such as overcharging or overheating.


The Black and Decker 18v battery is an essential tool for powering your device. However, it can be frustrating if it doesn’t charge. Make sure to keep the terminals clean and free from corrosion and ensure that the charger is working correctly and matches the 18 volts of your battery. Knowing these guides beforehand can save you money, effort, and worry.

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