Should I Replace My 9-Year-Old MacBook Battery?

Should you replace your 9-year-old MacBook battery? This is an ongoing question that most people ask when they are deciding if it is worth upgrading their laptop.

Many people think that there may be something wrong with their computer because of how old it is, and this could lead them to replace other parts that are still in good condition.

This article will discuss whether or not it is worth replacing your battery based on age alone.

MacBook Battery - Best Features

MacBooks have the power to keep going, even when you're on the go. Macs are powered by lithium-ion batteries that charge quickly and last a long time as they use advanced energy storage technologies--so your battery life will always be great.

A MacBook battery supplies power to the computer and lets it function. The battery powers the hard drive, touchpad, and other devices attached to it.

A MacBook's battery is rechargeable and can be used for an extended amount of time. Since all rechargeable batteries have one thing in common—they're all consumable, their performance decreases as they aged and are used for a long time. As the battery ages, its capacity to charge becomes smaller, and it will require more time. Factors like temperature history can affect how quickly your notebook's battery is aging chemically.

Does it Worth Replacing a 9-year-old MacBook Battery?

If you're thinking of replacing your battery because it is old, then you might want to think again. Your laptop's age isn't necessarily a factor in determining if the computer needs to be replaced or not.

All lithium-ion batteries will eventually need to be replaced - regardless of how old they are when purchased. The time can vary from a few months to a few years.

Battery replacement will depend on the usage of your computer as well. Battery life can vary depending on what type of work you do and how often you charge it.

If you have a 9-year-old MacBook that is still working and you only use it primarily for internet browsing, then a battery replacement might be unnecessary at this point. But if you use your MacBook as your primary drive for creative work, video editing, and other processor-intensive tasks, a battery replacement is worth it due to the high power needs or demands.

As always, a new one will always last longer than something that's been used so many times before, but of course, there are other factors like cost and capacity which must be taken into account.

Signs That The Battery Of Your MacBook Is Dying

There are early signs to look out for that will tell you whether or not your battery is dying. Some of the main signs are as follows:

- Your MacBook takes a long time to recharge, and when it does, it doesn't last very long.

- You start experiencing random shutdowns because the battery gets disconnected without any warning from what seems like nowhere.

-It is showing hardware glitches like the screen flickering.

-There are unexpected sounds from the computer system.

-Software issues start showing up like crashes or freezes.

Early detection is key in determining whether or not you should replace your battery. If any of the signs are present, it might be good to get a new battery for your MacBook.

MacBook Battery Health - Things To Consider

Before making a decision on whether to replace your 9-year-old MacBook battery or not, it is best that you should check the health of your battery.

Checking the battery health of a MacBook is done by checking its cycle count. The cycle count shows how many times the battery has been discharged and charged.

The cycle count on your MacBook is an important indicator of how long the battery will last. You can find this information in the 'Option' setting, click on the Apple menu, then choose System Information. Find the Hardware section and click Power to see where it says Cycle Count in Battery Information Section.

Batteries have specified maximum cycle counts in order for it to produce optimum performance. However, once you reach this limit, your battery will likely not last as long and is only at 80% capacity for the rest of its life.

The performance of your MacBook is strongly related to its battery. No matter how careful you are, the life cycle of a battery will decrease over time. This means that it's best to keep in check at all times so as not to damage anything while still being able to use it without any problems.

How To Replace a MacBook Battery

There are different ways on how to replace the battery of the MacBook. Here are the most common ones:

Manual Replacement

MacBook battery can be replaced manually. This is the cheapest option as all you need to do is buy a new part (battery), open up your MacBook with the right tools, and then install it yourself. Or bring it into an Apple store for help if that's what you want to do.

If you are buying a battery from third-party options, it's best that you buy a model with the exact specifications as what your original battery had and purchase one from a trusted company.

Replacing Battery Under The Warranty

If your MacBook is under warranty, you can just take it to an Apple store. This option is perfect as Apple offers customers of MacBooks with faulty batteries a free replacement service. Just give them a call if your MacBook has battery issues, but before doing so, check the status of the warranty first.

Replacing Battery With A Fee

Apple encourages all their MacBook customers to get a battery replacement from its first-party or second-party authorized service centers. This process may be expensive but is safer and less likely to go wrong than at an independent repair shop. Apple provides three months of warranty for any work or repair done, which makes it the best option.

Getting a Battery Replacement from a Computer Shop

This is another option if you are thinking of your budget as computer shops offer a cheaper alternative than Apple. However, it is still best to be picky about the company you are going with because there are chances that they might not do an excellent job for your battery replacement needs.


The final decision of whether or not to replace your 9-year-old MacBook battery lies in your hands. If in case you feel that your MacBook needs a battery replacement, then it would be best to get one as soon as possible.

Just remember it is essential to keep your laptop battery in good condition and running at its best for as long as possible. Feel free to visit this article once again if you feel you need further guidance on whether or not to replace a MacBook battery or you may know someone who may be in need.

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