If you’re a TraceTogether user, you know that your token’s battery is essential for keeping your account active. But where can you go to change your token’s battery? 

TraceTogether tokens use batteries that need to be changed from time to time. For your convenience, token battery vending machines are located in all Community Centers (CCs). To change your TraceTogether token battery:

  1. Look for the nearest CC to you.
  2. Find the vending machine at the location. The machines are usually placed near the entrance of the building.
  3. Feed your TraceTogether token into the slot on the vending machine.
  4. Collect your battery from the slot below and replace it in your TraceTogether token.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 if you need more than one battery.
  6. There is no need to register your new batteries, as they will be automatically updated in the TraceTogether app.

How Do I Know if My Trace Token Is Out of Battery?

There are a few ways to tell if your Trace Token is out of battery. First, you may notice that the LED light on the token is blinking red. It is an indication that the battery is low and needs to be recharged. The token might also appear to be losing power more quickly or vibrating less than usual. When this happens, simply replacing the coin cell battery should give you another year or more of use. In either case, replacing the battery is all needed to keep your Trace Token working properly. If you’re uncomfortable opening up the Trace Token, you can contact customer support for assistance.

Does TraceTogether Use a Lot of Battery?

TraceTogether is a contact tracing app developed by the Singapore government. The app uses Bluetooth to detect when another user with the app comes within proximity and stores this information on the user’s 電話. TraceTogether then uses this data to help authorities track the spread of infections. There is some concern that the app may use a lot of battery power. However, tests have shown that the battery consumption on tested phones is only marginally greater with the app running. In fact, on average, the app only used 0.04% more power than it would when inactive. So users can rest assured that TraceTogether will not significantly impact their phone’s battery life.

How Can I Check My TraceTogether Token Is Working?

Thankfully, it is easy to check whether your token is working or not. Look for the green light on the front of the device. If the light blinks once every minute, your token is working as it should be. If the light is not blinking or blinking more or less frequently than once per minute, your token may not be working properly. You should contact the TraceTogether team for assistance.

What if a TraceTogether Token has No Battery?

If your TraceTogether token runs out of battery, you can replace it for free. To do so, visit any community club or neighborhood center. Once there, approach any of the staff and let them know that you need a replacement token. They will then provide you with a new token. If you have any questions, the staff will be more than happy to assist you. Note that you must present your identification card to obtain a replacement token. The first replacement token is free. Subsequent replacements will be chargeable at $9 per token.

How Long Does the Token Battery Last?

According to the Ministry of Health, the battery life of a TraceTogether token is around 9 months. After that, the token will need to be replaced. The good news is that replacement tokens are free from community centers and Singapore Post offices. To get a new token, bring your old one to a community center or post office and fill out a form. Once you have your new token, you can activate it by downloading the TraceTogether app and following the instructions.

Can I Change TraceTogether Token Battery Myself?

If your token’s battery is running low, you can replace it at any of the designated Token Replacement Vending Machines (TRVM) islandwide. There is no need to register or log in – insert your old TraceTogether token into the machine, which will dispense a new one with a fresh battery. Please note that changing the battery is impossible, and only replacement tokens from TRVMs will work with the TraceTogether app.

What Battery Does TraceTogether Token Use?

The TraceTogether Token uses a Quality リチウム 3V Coin Cell Battery. This battery is designed for use in TraceTogether tokens and provides power for the device to function properly. The battery is long-lasting and reliable, making it an ideal choice for TraceTogether tokens. Quality Lithium batteries are known for their high performance and durability, making them a good choice for use in TraceTogether tokens. Thanks to their quality construction, these batteries will last for a long time, providing power for your device to function properly. When it comes time to replace the battery in your token, you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality battery that will last for a long time.

How Do I Get Rid of TraceTogether Tokens?

 If you have a TraceTogether token, you can return it to a vending machine or selected community center. Vending machines are located at MRT stations and bus interchanges, and selected community centers are listed on the TraceTogether website. When returning your token, please follow the instructions on the screen. You will need to insert your token into the slot and wait for the light to turn green. Once the light turns green, your token has been successfully returned. 

How Do I Activate My TraceTogether Token?

Your TraceTogether token will be activated and registered in your name upon collection. Once your token is registered, you will be able to use it to participate in contact tracing efforts. To start using your token, download the TraceTogether app and follow the instructions to register your device. You will need to provide your name, phone number, and email address. Once you have registered your device, you can start using your TraceTogether token.

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