How to change the battery in a Kwikset 888 Smart Door Lock?

You may have noticed that your Kwikset 888 Smart Door Lock is not working as well as it once was. You might be able to hear the lock clicking, but you're unable to turn the knob or open the door. This is likely due to a low battery in your Kwikset 888 Smart Door Lock. Changing the battery in your Kwikset 888 Smart Door Lock is not a difficult task. It will only take you about 2 to 3 minutes to replace it once you have all of the materials needed. Read on and learn how to change battery on Kwikset.

How to change Kwikset lock battery?

The Kwikset 888 Smart Key is a great device that has many features like the touchpad is backlit so you can preview it at night. You can register up to 30 user codes with the device and sends notifications on lock activities.

Over time the battery life in your Kwikset Smart Key will diminish. When this happens, you can replace the batteries in the device with a few simple steps.

Step 1: Check to see whether the system has been disarmed and the door is unlocked before replacing batteries.

Step 2: Remove the device's top cover and locate the battery compartment at the top. Remove it.

Step 3: Remove the old batteries and change them with new 4 AA alkaline batteries. Make sure you followed the battery orientation when you inserted them. This will ensure that the new batteries will work properly. For optimum results, only use non-rechargeable alkaline batteries.

Remember to dispose of the old batteries properly. You can also bring the old batteries to the store where you bought the new batteries, and they will dispose of these old batteries for you.

Step 4: Reinsert the battery compartment and reattach the device's top cover.

How long do the batteries in the Kwikset 888 Smart door lock last?

To ensure that the lock is properly powered, replace the batteries with new ones because a dead battery means an inoperable lock. An average of 12 months is expected if there's no interference and everything works perfectly, but that all depends on how often you use it.

If you found that the keypad is unresponsive, check the Kwikset manual to see what you can do to fix it. If the keypad is still unresponsive, try removing and replacing your batteries as a solution. If nothing works after that, it's best to contact the Kwikset customer support line.

What does a solid red light mean on the keypad?

A red light that's solid indicates a door handing process has failed. One common reason for this problem is misalignment, and you can use the Kwikset Guide to help solve it. If the lock interior isn't level, remount it. The red light of the doorbell could mean there is a low battery. Replace it with new batteries and try again.

What are the causes of quick battery drain on the Smart door lock?

The Kwikset Smart lock is a great product, but users may notice the battery draining much faster than expected. There are possible causes of this problem:

The interface of the smart home system indicates that the battery is critically low. If you receive a low battery alert, head over to the lock and confirm. Turn on switch #1 so that it flashes every six seconds. If LEDs turn amber or green followed by red, then your battery's dead; if not, there's an error with the system (which will be fixed once manually locked/unlocked).

The battery on the smart home system controller is being drained as a result of its communication with the lock. Call the technical support team for the smart home system to give you a hand and report the issue. They will be able to analyze the logs and determine the cause of this error.


Automatic door lock such as the Kwikset 888 Smart door lock is a wonderful device that provides additional security and convenience to your home. The batteries in this device will lose power over time and will need to be replaced right away. It is always best to learn on how to do this yourself in order to save money. We hope that this post served as your guide and was helpful and informative in replacing your Kwikset Smart Door Lock batteries that can easily be done in minutes.

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